This One Thing is Key to Successful Hybrid Events

When it comes to producing your hybrid events, there are lots of parts of the equation to take into account.

You need to think about the agenda, the run of show with the IRL experience as well as with the virtual audience experience.

Additionally, when it comes to producing hybrid events you also need to think about platform. What’s the right tech stack solution that’s going to advance your event both for in person attendees as well as for those that are attending online.

The fact is there are many aspects of your production that need attention and planning for successful hybrid event. However, there is one that often gets overlooked. That said, let’s focus on the show itself.

Now, when it comes to the show – with a hybrid event typically there are two concurrent shows. Most hybrid events are going to be an IRL stage show and a concurrent virtual broadcast which is distributed via a virtual event platform. It’s at this intersection of IRL and virtual where coordination becomes of the upmost concern to ensure that hybrid events are in sync.

It’s here that a key component to a successful hybrid event production is Stage Management. This is where the rubber meets the road and coordination goes beyond sending speakers to stage, but coordinating stage activities with the broadcast team; to make sure that the onstage activities are in sync with the virtual component.

In the traditional sense stage management would be coordinating guests and speakers behind the scenes. Shuffling them on and off stage throughout the show. While that is still necessary there’s also now an added layer of coordination necessary with your broadcast team. In many cases, as virtual contributors become the norm, you need additional stage management to manage those inbound feeds as well.

So, as you think about how to produce your next hybrid event and you identify all of the aspects of the production – be sure to think carefully about not only crafting the experience but the stage management to ensure a seamless production.

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