5 Tips for A Successful Hybrid Event Production

As the world of event production continues to evolve, a new post-pandemic model of events is emerging. Ultimately, the right production solution will depend on the event at hand but the consensus is that the world is largely moving to a hybrid event model. With that in mind, as you are doing your research and starting to define your hybrid event strategy, the team at NYC Video Pros shares 5 tips for a successful hybrid event production.

Define the Vision

No two events are the same so when you’re planning your hybrid event production you need to think about what works for your specific conference, meeting, or event. How do you see users attending? What is the experience you want them to walk away with?

Think about the Experience

Hybrid events mean that you can define an experience that goes beyond the traditional footprint of the event. Do you want to use digital tools to drive engagement before and after a physical event? Do you want to improve the dialogue between the in-person event and those attending virtually? Are you necessarily offering the same content virtually as you are in person? These are all strategic questions that need to be asked at the front end of your hybrid event production.

Don’t Silo Modalities

When producing a hybrid event don’t think about the in-person experience as completely separate from the virtual event production or vice versa. Think about how the two experiences can feed off of each other and be complementary experiences that tie audiences together. Are you feeding a live streaming broadcast into the event platform? Can remote guests interact with panel moderators and ask questions?

It’s a New Two-way Street

Similarly, in thinking about your event production the pandemic has opened up new opportunities to include geographically remote participants, presenters, and keynote speakers. You no longer have to be bound to the old rules of having speakers present on-location now you can think creatively about integrating global participants.

Think Differently

The pandemic changed how we had to manage event production and has opened up a new world of hybrid event production opportunities. At its core, this is an opportunity to redefine how you produce events, engage audiences, and build communities that drive business and your organization forward.

Think about how these new tech tools can enhance your events and develop new meaningful experiences, as well as new opportunities to drive the bottom line. Naturally, the fact of the matter is much like pre-pandemic events, which were all unique, hybrid event productions are bound to take many shapes and sizes and can meet your team’s desired goals and vision with the right planning and attention to detail.

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