Virtual Event Production: A Peak Into the Cost of Producing for Virtual

As you start thinking about how to manage and facilitate the next virtual event production probably one of the first questions that comes to mind as you start the process is around costs and budgets. Especially when it comes to producing for virtual events, which is still somewhat- unknown territory for some.

Virtual Event Production - cost of producing it.

With that in mind, every virtual event production is going to have a different cost structure depending on the type of event and a number of variables. However, let’s take a look at a couple of important aspects of the equation that you need to be mindful of and that drive the cost for your virtual event production.

To that end, the pieces of the puzzle that can drive virtual event production costs include:

Creative: What does your show look and feel like? What elements are being used to produce the virtual event production? Is it hosted from a studio? Do you have a DJ, an MC, a host? Are you sending swag and supporting collateral to virtual or hybrid event participants?

Platform: Depending on the type of virtual event production that you’re looking to produce there are a number of different platform options. For example, you may want a branded splash page for the event making the virtual event broadcast the hero. Or at other times you may want an entire virtual landscape that allows networking, breakout sessions, and sponsorship booths.

Production: When it comes to virtual event production the fact of the matter is the audio and visual support is akin to traditional events. In some senses it may actually be much more involved as you may work with a video production company that helps you develop a robust broadcast. One that lives at the center of your virtual event production. Additionally, production may encompass bringing together geographically disparate parties. Developing branding graphics, and creating a full run of show that drives the event.

If you think this list of factors affecting virtual event production costs seems familiar – you are correct.

Despite being virtually produced – events such as a national sales meetings, association conferences, and SKOs require much of the same infrastructure as their traditional counterparts. When you think about it, when it comes to virtual event costs – you need to think about your platform being your venue. A blank canvas on which you can paint and build the attendee and sponsorship experiences.
The fact of the matter is there are many different approaches to producing a virtual event – not unlike building a home – and the right solution will depend on objectives and the kind of event that you are looking to create.

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