How to Beat Zoom Fatigue

As many events pivoted to become virtual events there’s been an increasing awareness of Zoom fatigue; a malaise if you will of people watching “events” that have merely become low-quality video calls that fail to engage. We are now a year into a global pandemic that has disrupted just about every business under the sun including event productions around the world.

So, how do you beat Zoom fatigue? Is that even possible? Yes, you can absolutely beat Zoom fatigue and craft virtual event productions that engage audiences. In fact, you can even put your event in focus that drive global conversations. The fact of the matter is that virtual events are a powerful tool for any organization if used and produced properly. Far too often virtual event productions are bringing audiences on to Zoom and speaking at them. The messaging gets lost between managing cameras, mics, and the audience shuffle. Further, speakers aren’t fully identified and it’s challenging to seamlessly integrate video content. So, here are three ways to up your virtual event production value and take advantage and the infinite power of virtual events that go beyond Zoom fatigue:

How to beat zoom fatigue

Think Differently – First and foremost start with the show itself – a successful virtual event is going to be more than the sum of it’s parts and will be a well-orchestrated affair. You don’t want to deploy the same thinking as if you are looking to re-create something in a ballroom. Instead, you need to be mindful of the audience’s attention span, location, dayparts, etc. Start with defining your objectives? What do you want to showcase and what’s the best style and format for the virtual event production?

Broadcast Production Value – One thing is for sure audiences have no fatigue over watching broadcast and streaming content that is well-produced. In fact, streaming services have been booming since the pandemic started. That means that audiences gravitate to content that is developed with an eye on production value. So, in order to beat Zoom Fatigue virtual event production needs to look akin to a television broadcast. Complete with production values that deliver polished experiences for audiences. This means making sure that you develop a show that is comprehensive in structure, production, graphics, and formatting that effectively keep the viewers engaged.

Engagement – Engagement can mean many different things depending on the type of event that you’re looking to produce. It’s an important piece of the puzzle especially when you’re looking to develop a strategy to beat Zoom fatigue. For example, for some virtual event productions, it may make sense to have a live host or DJ that guides the audiences through the experience. Maybe even gamifying the show, at other times it may be integrating live polls and audience questions and answers. While at other times networking or live chat features may make sense. The key takeaway is to have a strategic conversation at the front end of a virtual event production and ensure that the engagement tools match the format and goals.The fact of the matter is Zoom fatigue is manageable and when virtual event productions are done well they unlock a wealth of new opportunities for event production, meeting planners, & marketing professionals.

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