We are your trusted partner in corporate video production.

When it comes to video marketing you need a partner that has the experience to tell your company’s story and make your video stand out. Further, you need a partner that is strategic, professional, and can understand your company and work with you to develop a corporate video production that will capture your messaging and resonate with viewers.

At NYC Video Pros, we provide a full-service corporate video production solution that allows any organization to develop compelling quality video content that can be used for video marketing, social media marketing, internal or external communications or for training and professional development.

When you need a corporate video production done expertly, turn to NYC Video Pros. Our clients trust us to tell their stories and rely on our professional counsel to develop professional video content that is on-message and professionally showcases their brand. We’re the leading one-stop shop for creative video production solutions that showcase what you are passionate about.

NYC Video Pros specializes in NYC Video Production and providing the best New York video production services for clients all around the globe. We are proudly trusted by our client’s for their corporate video production needs; our story is telling yours. #whatsyourstory

Whether you’re shooting a New York video production or a corporate video production around the country, NYC Video Pros is the professional video crew to help with producing your marketing video.

Corporate Video Production – Start To Finish

Our turnkey corporate video production services empower our clients to shoot their corporate video productions in New York City or anywhere around the world.

Our professional, experienced film crews take your corporate video project from concept to publication. Our New York video production studio specializes in providing video production services to capture your message and produce video content for a wide variety of uses including:

  1. Add professional video content to digital marketing efforts including your website & social media channels.
  2. Leverage professional engagements such as executive key note presentations and conference involvement.
  3. Lead the industry forward with thought-leadership video content that focuses on the topics driving your business.
  4. Create promotional and marketing videos, as well as training and educational content for on-boarding employees and partners.

We customize all of our corporate video productions to meet the individual needs of our clients; all of our projects result in quality video content.  Our video production services cover the full video production process and are provided as a flat-rate solution to eliminate traditional budgetary concerns of producing corporate video content.

How Our Turnkey Corporate Video Solutions Work

Here is a brief over of our corporate video production services, for more information click on any one the sections:

Our experienced corporate video production crew films your story on-site, in-studio or at your event using a single camera or multiple cameras – ensuring we have all of the necessary angles to put together your story. We are experts in the video production field, so you can expect that your video will be beautifully shot in high-definition (HD) video that captures your unique story magnificently.


Our editing room is where the true magic of corporate video production happens. During the editing process, we compile a final video production that builds on the pre-production blueprint, the best takes from your shoot, and graphical elements, animated openings, titles. After editing is completed, we digitally deliver the completed video production via a secure website for you to review.


Our professional corporate video production crew collectively has decades of experience with creative development of video content and orchestrating the video production and post-production process to skillfully tell your story. On set we work with your talent to make sure that they’re comfortable and ready to tell the story you want your audience to hear. Corporate video production is in our DNA, our story is telling yours with our professional video production solutions. 


With today’s social media channels and a screen in virtually everyone’s pocket, there are infinite ways to share and distribute video content that tells your story. Our turnkey flat-rate corporate video production solutions make it easy for you to develop video content to publish to any platform whether for your website, social media, mobile or at your next corporate event; our corporate video production services are perfect for identifying and developing the best strategy for marketing and sharing your organization’s story.


Let’s Tell Your Story

Our New York based video production team is standing by to help with your next corporate video production. We return all inquiries the same day.

Our Commitment is Straight-forward.

High-Definition Video

We shoot every corporate video in HD


You own all of the video we shoot on your behalf.


No sticker shock with flat rate pricing



Our goal is to capture the most beautiful and appealing video content every time we shoot for a client.

We know that our New York City based clients, as well as those based around the country and around the world, count on us to produce professional grade corproate video content. To do that we have highly experienced videographers, who are skilled in the art form of shooting & capturing beautiful video content. Builidng on years of experience we are able to ensure that the video we produce for our clients always comes out looking magnificent and professionally polished – regardless of whether we are producing a marketing video, promotional video, video testimonials, or any other kind of corporate video project. In today’s media savvy world it’s often overlooked, however quality video is the bedrock to developing polished video content for your organization.

Our approach is customized to meet your needs.

We’re able to shoot corporate video projects in any style or preferred format that’s needed for your project. As experienced brand marketers, we are aware of branding and working with you to develop a corporate video project that matches your organization’s look and feel, or that of the initiative at hand.

Regardless of whether it is an MTV-style man on the street interview series, a sit-down style multiple camera interview, or a cinematic overview of your operations – our experienced corporate video production team will work with you to determine the style that suits your message effectively.

Further, since every project is unique we offer clients their choice of shooting their corporate video production either in-studio, on-site, or at a location you choose. Our production team is capable of working with you to shoot your corporate video production anywhere in the world.

Whether you’re shooting a New York video production or a corporate video production around the country, NYC Video Pros is the professional video crew to help with producing your marketing video.

Video Production Shooting Styles We’re Proficient In

NYC Video Pros is your partner in corporate video production; it is our promise to shoot your content using the best angles, proper lighting and great perspectives.


It’s all about finding the right angle to tell your story.



Post-Production is where we sprinkle a little fairy dust on your corporate video and make it perfect…

Post-production is one of the most important parts of the video production process. Post-production integrates all of the work we’ve done starting in the pre-production phase through the actual filming of your corporate video production.

During post-production, our video editing team will work on your corporate video to build a video asset that meets the initial vision that we discussed during pre-production. With that initial vision in mind, our team of experienced editors will work to create a business video that tells your story.

Because creating a corporate video is a creative process, we offer several rounds of edits included in our flat-rate structure to ensure that we create a video that is on message and stands out to tell your story.

During this collaborative process, your team will be able to review and offer feedback on the corporate video that we assemble for your initiative. Whether we’re editing a video with a single camera or multiple cameras, and regardless of whether it’s an instructional video, a promotional video, or an interview with your C-suite executives we strive to provide our video editing services with the utmost in professionalism focused on the goal of producing a video that meets your vision.


Features of Our Video Production Editing Process


To keep our prices affordable and our team efficient, we typically complete corporate video production edits off-site. This eliminates much of the heavy lifting and allows us to deliver a rough draft of the video production for you to review on your own schedule.


It is our goal to make the entire corporate video production process stress-free for your team – so we deliver a draft for you to review complete with best takes, B-roll footage, graphics, and voiceovers that have been previously outlined during pre-production.


Since we’re often dealing with creative projects – we collaborate with our clients to provide two rounds of edits to make sure your corporate video production hits the target. However, since we work on flat-rate pricing if we need to keep refining the video beyond those two rounds we’re happy to do so at no additional cost to you.


After you’ve had a chance to review the draft of your video production, we ask for your feedback. Using your opinions, we’ll make the needed changes to synthesize your corporate video and create a second – and close to final – version of your video production.


If further editing or revisions are required for your corporate video production, our Flat-Rate Turnkey solution covers tweaks until it is just right.


Best of all, it doesn’t matter if your team is based in New York City or around the globe, because we share corporate videos for review online via a private and secure website.

Regardless of the whether you want us to make the final cut or you want an active say in the corporate video production editing process, our goal is always to make your editing experience enjoyable, and to deliver a final corporate video production that showcases your organization in a professional light.

Once we complete the editing process, we upload your completed videos to a secure private website, where you and your team will be able to complete a final review and download the finished video production.

NYC Video Pros specializes in NYC Video Production and providing the best corporate video production services in New York and for clients all around the globe. We are proudly trusted by our client’s for their corporate video production needs; our story is telling yours. #whatsyourstory

Whether you’re shooting a New York video production or a corporate video production around the country, NYC Video Pros is the professional video crew to help with producing your marketing video.


“One Focus. Your story.”
Our tested strategic approach will capture your story and bring it to life.



Corporate Video Production Is In Our DNA

Our professional video production team has decades of experience in corporate video production. Our focus is on producing high-quality corporate video that is compelling, professional, and focus on helping you to produce video marketing collateral that makes your story stand out.

Producing the best video for your business is our goal. We take great pride in the fact that our clients trust us to tell their stories – and we treat every corporate video production project like it’s telling our own story. In fact, when you work with NYC Video Pros for your corporate video production needs, you can be sure that our dedication to your project shines through in your finished project. That is because our story, is rooted in telling yours.

Accordingly, our video production company is built on providing great customer service and our skilled team takes great care of all the intricate details of your corporate video production. Starting in pre-production your dedicated video producer will work with you to develop the right strategy, to identify the right look and feel, cultivate a production blueprint and orchestrate both the on-site or in-studio video production, as well as the post-production editing process.

Your Video Production Is Our Primary Focus

Our company specializes in one thing – corporate video production. Whether you need to produce a marketing video, web video, conference or event video, promotional videos, or sizzle reels our creative video production team is dedicated to creating a video that captures your desired message and stands out.

With decades of experience, our dedicated corporate video production team has the prerequisite skills to organize and keep the bigger picture in mind to adeptly tell your story using the power of video production.

We are here to help with all aspects of your corporate video production, including:

NYCVP makes sure that all of the details of your corporate video production project are handled so that your production goes smoothly.

We keep a highly-trained eye on the story and the underlying quality of the corporate video that we’re producing on your behalf.

On the day of your video production shoot, there is a creative buzz and excitement that our crew taps into to produce the finest content for your project. We work with your spokesperson to put them at ease and direct them to methodically capture and the desired footage for the final cut of your corporate video production.

The scope of our corporate video production skills extends beyond the production. As we will methodically cull through all of your footage and select the best takes to assemble a quality video that professionally captures your story and can be used in your video marketing efforts. Further, regardless of whether you shoot in NYC or around the globe, our team works to identify, develop, and coordinate other supporting elements such as graphics, animations, and music to put the finishing touches on your corporate video production.

No detail will be overlooked or forgotten because Producing your video in a professional and high-quality fashion is our top priority. Our corporate video production team is there with you every step of the way and is committed to creating an HD video that captures your viewer’s attention.

NYC Video Pros specializes in NYC Video Production and providing the best corporate video production services in New York and for clients all around the globe. We are proudly trusted by our client’s for their corporate video production needs; our story is telling yours. #whatsyourstory

Whether you’re shooting a New York video production or a corporate video production around the country, NYC Video Pros is the professional video crew to help with producing your marketing video.

Let’s Tell Your Story

Our New York based video production team is standing by to help with your next corporate video production. We return all inquiries the same day.



Our video production solutions can help you share your message in a variety of ways.




A plethora of online distribution options to meet your expanding needs including Podcasts, Webcasts, Webisodes, In-line Video. Whatever the term you use, NYC Video Pros’s Video Producer can work with you to distribute your content online and leverage these new avenues… we can post audio or video content to iTunes as a Podcast series, share your videos on YouTube, or provide you with the necessary tools to integrate your content into your own website and/or e-mail marketing campaigns.

Of course, if you need the media for an off-line event, we can deliver it via DVD, or provide you with links to immediately download a high-definition copy of your project. Naturally, every video project, whether produced in New York or around the country
is unique, and we’ll take the time to discuss options with you at the start of your project so that we can best assist you with publishing your video content.

So, whether you need hard copies of your media on uniquely branded discs, or if you would like to integrate the content onto your website, or distribute it via Podcast channels, we have you covered.

In today’s complex media landscape there are a wide variety of options that can be used for distributing your video content.

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