Corporate Video Production
Runs in Our DNA

We Tell Your Story with the Power of Video.

Your partner in production.

From single camera corporate video productions and brand films to multi-camera live stream events.

Corporate Video Production
Runs in Our DNA

We tell your story with the power of video.

Your partner in production.

From single camera corporate video productions and brand films to multi-camera live stream events.

Trusted by clients around the world

camera and green screen in studio

Flat-rate Turnkey Corporate Video Production.

Our turnkey corporate video production services empower our clients to shoot their video in New York or anywhere in the world.

An NYC video production company that specializes in affordable flat-rate corporate video production services. Bringing the best quality video for each of our clients.

At NYC Video Pros, our corporate video production process takes marketing and training video production from start to finish. Customizing each solution based on the needs of each of our clients. With a long history of working with PR & marketing client’s, our New York video production company takes a strategic approach to developing video content.

Tested video production services that makes it easy for any business to add high-quality corporate video production to any type of medium or strategy. Which includes websites, digital marketing, content marketing, PR campaign, or social media efforts.

Services that covers filming a corporate video to professional voice over work and everything in between. Specializing on full-service professional video production to tell your story.

Corporate SKO, Investor Meetings, and Annual Event Productions

Working with clients to produce SKOs (sales kickoffs) , annual events, virtual, IRL & hybrid across the globe.

Corporate Broadcasts: Creative and Technology Perfectly in Sync

Robust live streaming solutions that go far beyond the technology.

A seasoned team that is dedicated to always build a broadcast-grade show centric to your brand and event.

In-studio Video Production

Capture your next corporate video production in a purpose-built studio environment. We have a range of studio options to ensure your production has the right aesthetic.

Remote Video Production:
Capture content from anywhere around the globe

Helping organizations remotely capture video content from every corner of the world. We can work with an existing technology stack or provide a hybrid crew for remotely directed and produced corporate video productions.

ENG & Satellite Live Stream Video Production

Experienced ENG video production crews to any corner of the globe. Record on the ground or coordinate distribution as part of a larger broadcast to any platform.

Brand Film Production

Telling your story with rich and dynamic video content starts long before the shoot. We are ready to work with you to strategically craft and develop the narrative. Making sure that there is a comprehensive blueprint that aligns all parties for the production.

Video Broadcast

It is equally as important to produce a show that engages viewers and moves beyond “another video call”.

Our virtual broadcasts are specifically built to be platform agnostic; which means regardless of what the right tech platform is, we can push your virtual broadcast to any platform.

Our Corporate Video Producing Process.

Turnkey corporate video production services that empower our clients to shoot corporate video productions in New York City or anywhere around the world. 

Always dedicated professional & experienced film crews.  Ready to take your corporate video project from concept to publication.

Video production services that can provide a New York video production studio to capture your message and produce video content for a wide variety of uses.

image of Jason Cohen NYC Video Pros

Jason Cohen

Executive Producer


Jason is a native New Yorker.

He earned his MBA and BA from The George Washington University.

Jason has led client productions in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, as well as Washington DC and a myriad of other locations.

NYC Video Pros is led by Executive Producer, Jason Cohen. With a rich background in media production and client services, Cohen is well versed to help clients identify and craft video solutions that meet their needs.

Live stream events from anywhere in the globe. Our live streaming services coordinate all of the details.


Turnkey brand content developed to tell your brand’s unique story – from concept through post-production.


Our turnkey virtual event solutions offer a dynamic rich experience that make virtual events a real success


Your trusted & experienced partner in corporate video production. From concept through development.


NEW! We produce rich & dynamic events the same way we produce creative video content



Dedicated to providing professional solutions for your corporate video production.

Our Commitment is straight-forward:

  • Everything is shot in 4K/High-Definition
  • You own all of the video we shoot
  • No sticker shock with flat rate pricing

NYC Video Pros is the leading New York Video Production Company and Film Production Company in NYC providing corporate video production services; video producer services; training video production; marketing video production; testimonial video services; event video production, conference video production, corporate films, brand films, and film production NYC services.

Virtual Broadcast Event Production

Frequently Asked Questions

A corporate video is a short film or video presentation created by a business or organization to communicate information, promote products or services, and enhance their brand image. It is typically used for internal or external purposes, such as marketing, training, recruitment, or stakeholder engagement.

Here’s a list of things to keep in mind when creating a good corporate video:

Define Your Goals: Clearly understand the purpose and message of your video, whether it’s for marketing, training, or communication.

Plan and Script: Create a well-structured script that outlines the content, key points, and storyline.

Professional Equipment: Use quality video and audio equipment for clear visuals and sound.

Lighting and Framing: Ensure good lighting and proper framing to make your video look professional.

Clear Audio: Invest in a good microphone to capture clear and audible sound.

Engaging Content: Create a compelling narrative, and keep the video concise, typically under 3-5 minutes, however lengths will vary depending on your goals and use case of the video.

Visual Variety: Use a mix of visuals, including interviews, B-roll footage, and graphics, to make the video visually engaging.

Editing: Edit the corporate video to remove mistakes, add captions if necessary, and optimize pacing.

Branding: Incorporate your brand elements, such as logos and colors, to reinforce your brand identity in corporate video.

Call to Action: Include a clear call to action in the corporate video for the viewer, whether it’s visiting a website, subscribing, or contacting your company.

Remember, a successful corporate video effectively communicates your message while engaging and resonating with your intended audience.

The cost of video production can vary significantly based on various factors, including the complexity of the project, the quality of production, the location, the length of the video, and the expertise of the team involved. 

As much as we want to put a specific figure for the actual cost, it will depend on your specific project’s needs. The cost may include expenses like pre-production planning, scripting, equipment rental, location fees, talent or actors, crew, post-production (editing, graphics, sound, etc.), and distribution. It’s essential to define your project’s scope and budget during the planning stage and get quotes from multiple videographers or production companies to get a more accurate estimate based on your unique requirements.

Video production can benefit a wide range of companies across various industries. Any business that wants to communicate a message, promote products or services, or engage with an audience through visual storytelling can benefit from video production. Here are some types of companies and industries that often utilize video production:

Marketing and Advertising Agencies: These companies create video content for their clients as part of marketing campaigns, advertisements, and promotions.

Corporate Businesses: Large corporations use videos for internal communication, training, human resources, and external marketing efforts.

Small and Medium-Sized Businesses (SMBs): SMBs often create videos to enhance their online presence, explain their products or services, and engage with customers.

E-commerce Companies: Online retailers frequently use product videos to showcase their offerings and demonstrate how to use or assemble products.

Technology Companies: Tech firms use videos to explain complex concepts, showcase software or hardware, and provide customer support.

Healthcare and Medical Services: Healthcare organizations use videos for patient education, internal training, and marketing their services.

Education and E-Learning:   Educational institutions and e-learning platforms produce videos for online courses, lectures, and instructional content.

Real Estate:   These companies create property tour videos to showcase homes and commercial properties.

Hospitality and Tourism: Hotels, resorts, and travel agencies use videos to highlight destinations, accommodations, and travel experiences.

Nonprofits and NGOs: Nonprofit organizations use video to raise awareness, share stories, and promote their causes.

Entertainment and Media: Film and entertainment companies produce trailers, teasers, and promotional videos for their content.

Retail and Fashion: Retailers use video for fashion shows, product launches, and e-commerce marketing.

Manufacturing and Industrial: Manufacturing companies create product demonstration and safety videos for employees and customers.

Restaurants and Food Services: Restaurants and food-related businesses use videos to showcase dishes, cooking processes, and customer reviews.

Government and Public Sector: Government agencies use videos for public information campaigns, educational content, and community engagement.

Financial Services: Banks and financial institutions use videos to explain services, provide financial advice, and share market insights.

Automotive and Transportation: Auto manufacturers and transportation companies create promotional and instructional videos for vehicles and services.

Sports and Fitness: Sports organizations, gyms, and fitness brands use videos for training, promotions, and event coverage.

Art and Creative Industries: Artists, galleries, and creative agencies create videos to showcase artwork, performances, and creative processes.

Tech Startups: Startups often use videos to introduce their products or services and pitch to investors.

The versatility of video production makes it a valuable tool for a wide range of businesses and organizations looking to connect with their target audience, convey messages, and achieve their goals.