Live Video Webcasting Services

When it comes to sharing your live video with the world our team speaks your language.  As a matter of fact, we speak plain English, so you don’t have to decipher bit rates or talk technical mumbo jumbo.

Our dedicated and experienced team provides a seamless experience that lets you focus on the event at hand.  We manage all of the production and technical details for streaming your webcast.

Our solution is turnkey and we cover all of the details:

  • Solution identification – to determine the streaming requirements for your project
  • Pre-production planning – We cover all of the technical bases, conduct a site visit, and manage all of the team members and production resources necessary for your webcast
  • Production is coordinated in-line with your event activities with a team of talented professionals who understand everything from covering the keynote to branding the video itself, all while managing the infrastructure of your live broadcast

When it comes to producing your next live corporate webcast we cover all of the bases from pre-production planning, site visits, technical details, camera locations, and production coordination from start-to-finish.

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