Virtual Broadcast

Virtual broadcast is a critical piece of the equation when it comes to producing your virtual event.

At NYC Video Pros, we treat your virtual broadcast with a great deal of care – working with you and your team to identify, craft and produce a virtual broadcast that is akin to a broadcast television show.

Every virtual event production is different – really no different than walking into an IRL venue and developing and producing an event that is unique and resonates with attendees. When it comes to a virtual broadcast, it’s equally as important to produce a show that engages viewers and moves beyond “another video call”. Our virtual broadcasts are specifically built to be platform agnostic; which means regardless of what the right tech platform is, we can push your virtual broadcast to any platform. (Side note: we’re also well versed in working with clients to identify platform partners – so if you need a holistic solution we can help manage your entire virtual event production end-to-end.)

Our virtual broadcasts are structured television shows that focus on your branding, messaging, show structure, sponsorship opportunities and of course the participant experience.

NYC Video Pros produces virtual broadcasts in a number of different ways:

  • Fully virtual broadcasts coordinated with show hosts and guests from anywhere around the world
  • Virtual broadcasts produced from a studio and distributed to any virtual platform
  • Co-location virtual broadcasts where participants and/or guests are located in different areas and brought together through our production system to synthesize a cohesive broadcast

Naturally every virtual broadcast is unique and our experienced team works with you to identify the right approach, show structure, and solution to make your event a success. To learn more about our virtual broadcast solutions simply call/text 212.931.4866 or use the form on this page and a member of the NYC Video Pros team will reach out to you shortly.