Here at NYC Video Pros, we provide turnkey flat-rate video production solutions that can meet any budget and help leverage strategic video production for any organization or project. NYC Video Pros can help you to:

  • Produce a corporate video or develop a documentary or narrative project
  • Capture video production at your next event, sizzle reels, testimonials, etc.
  • Shoot subject matter expert video interviews
  • Develop a cinematic overview video about the organization
  • Produce a series of thought leadership videos

While every project is unique the team at NYC Video Pros is dedicated to helping client’s identify and implement a cost-effective video production strategy that seamlessly integrates into other PR & marketing initiatives  and let’s you leverage video production for the organization.  NYC Video Pros solutions are client-centric from start to finish. We provide different strategies based on what your company or organization requires. From large industry leaders to small and medium businesses and companies, NYC Video Pros has the experience and knowledge to help use video production for any project, for any purpose and with your budget in mind.

The NYC Video Pros video production process will take you from identifying the creative direction for the project through production, and post-production. We provide video marketing strategies that work! NYC Video Pros are here to tell your story, the way you want it. Our talented professional video experts are all multi-skilled and have vast experience from different fields of video production. We pride ourselves of the quality we put out. NYC Video Pros marketing and video productions solutions are your go-to service when producing the right video content. Based in New York City, NYC Video Pros mainly caters to different companies and organizations based in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and we work with clients around the globe to execute corporate video productions!

To learn more about NYC Video Pros and how we can help leverage video production for your next project call us directly anytime at 212.931.4866 or use the form to the right and we’ll get in touch very soon.