Do You Have a Video Content Strategy?

When your planning how to tell your organization’s story – you have to think strategically – whether your talking about traditional tools such as the press release, printed collateral, pitching media outlets, or new tools such as online video.  Specifically, when you start to think about integrating video into your campaigns there are a number of elements to consider.

While today’s technology makes it easier than ever to use video as part of your campaigns, it’s yet another avenue through which you have to carefully manage your brand. Similar to the attention to detail that goes into ensuring that your website, printed collateral, and other initiatives are in-line with the brand, corporate video is no different.

Beyond the brand, when you are integrating corporate video production you need to consider a myriad of questions, which will guide your production and ensure that you capture your story correctly.  For example, you want to think about the following; what audience are you trying to reach? what format works best? where are you capturing your footage? who is featured? what voice are you using? etc etc.

Naturally, for every organization, the answers to these questions will vary depending on the organization’s goals and objectives, and the larger communications programs at hand. Regardless of the answers to those questions, a successful video content strategy takes into account all of the organization’s activities and weaves video components into the larger strategic plan; which ultimately provides a powerful avenue to reach audiences.

With all of that in mind, when you’re brainstorming how to incorporate video into your PR & marketing efforts, here’s a short list of potential corporate video opportunities that you may have been overlooking.

Video Content Strategy to Consider:

  • Event Coverage – Make the most of your events and create video collateral that can reach additional audiences.
  • Corporate Video Production Overview – Share with customers and potential clients your capabilities, showcase facilities, and featured talent.
  • Reports to Shareholders – A new take on the quarterly or annual report – think visually and show investors, partners, and others the latest news.
  • Take the Industry Lead – Produce a series of thought leadership videos discussing where your industry is and the next innovations.

So, whether you’ve used corporate video production in the past, or you’re new to incorporating it in your plans, you can never go wrong by thinking strategically. Do you have a unique way that you’ve included video into your programs, we’d love to hear about it! Or if you need assistance with developing a creative approach to integrating video that’s what we’re here to help with and we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about how video can tell your story.

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