Thought Leadership Videos: Lead the Industry Forward

Thought leadership is about positioning your executives and the organization as a driving force in the industry.

There are a number of tools you can utilize to advance your message and educate your colleagues in the industry including blog posts and white papers, but perhaps one of the most powerful and growing avenues for thought leadership is video content. With today’s technology, and a device in every pocket, video can be powerful way to lead the dialogue and break through with your message. Further, video can be produced to showcase key personalities, the organization, and to advance the vision for key topic areas.

Specifically, the strategy for how an organization utilizes video for thought leadership may vary between particular outreach efforts and may take a different look and feel depending on the topic at hand. While there are a litany of video styles that can be used for thought leadership here are a few options to consider.

Thought Leadership Video Styles

  • Interviews: Thought leadership videos can be produced as a series of your experts talking about a topic area, or as a long-form interview with one participant who is focused on a particular subject matter.
  • Conversations: For some topic areas, it may be best to conduct interviews with either internal or external stakeholders to position the organization as a leading voice on the topic at hand. These conversations can be hosted by a professional host who guides the conversation, or by a personality from within the organization, or the industry to lend credibility.
  • Case Study: Using the visual nature of video – though leadership can be communicated in a cinematically produced case study. This narrative would capture the essence of the thought leadership messaging coupled with a journalistic approach to telling the story through interviews and B-roll of the subject matter.

Regardless of the format that you choose – video is a powerful avenue for sharing thought leadership messaging that can resonate with the audience and engage them in a more dynamic manner. The result is a new avenue to capture your talent, showcase subject matter experts, and position the organization as a leader in the field.

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