What Does It Cost to Produce #CorporateVideo?

As you can imagine when we discuss video production projects with clients one of the most frequently asked questions is “What does it cost to produce a corporate video?” That is the $1 Million Dollar #VideoProduction Question.

NYC Video Pros Corporate Video The reality is the answer is variable and every video production project; whether for a corporate video production, a non-profit video production, short-film, or coverage of a conference or event is unique.  We liken it to building a home – there’s a lot of variation in the world of housing and the same can be said for every video production project.

For example, a home may have multiple bedrooms/bathrooms and video production projects can have different crew requirements, take a varying number of days to shoot, or have differing technical requirements to successfully produce the video concept at hand.

Similar to the housing market when it comes to producing video content – there are a range of options for how you produce your video production project and what your needs are for the particular video production initiative.  Depending on your project – it may be covering an event and require a single camera operator, or it may be a cinematic video showcasing your brand that requires creative development and multiple days to capture.

Typically, there are a variety of questions that your video producer or video production company will want to answer to guide the conversation and determine the scope of your project:

  • Is there the need to develop the concept for the project?
  • How much time will it take in pre-production to develop a blueprint?
  • How long will the production itself take to produce? What are the technical requirements?
  • What is the goal of the project? What are the final videos that will be delivered after the edit is complete?

So, the $1 Million dollar question:

What does all of that mean in terms of the cost to produce a corporate video?

Like the video production projects themselves – budgets for video production can vary greatly depending on what’s involved.  If you think about it there’s a spectrum from the amateur producing video content with a mobile phone all the way up to the latest Hollywood smash hit.

Naturally, your corporate video production does not need to be a Hollywood style production – but it does have to be polished since it’s a reflection of your organization – and many times it’s the first point of contact a customer may have with the organization. Most organizations can effectively produce a corporate video production that runs from a few thousand dollars – for a more basic production – and then up to tens of thousands of dollars for a larger more involved project that includes creative development and multiple days of production.

To conclude, much like when you build a home, consult with your architect, or in this case you video production company or your video producer.  Your video producer or the video production company, is your partner in production, they will guide you through the process, and determine a solution that fits your budget and allows you to professionally produce a video that meets your team’s vision.

Ready to brainstorm the best strategy for producing a corporate video for your organization? Need corporate video production services, or have an NYC Video Production project? We are proudly trusted by our client’s for their corporate video production services; our story is telling yours. Specializing in NYC Video Production and the best corporate video production solutions for clients all around the globe. To learn more or discuss your specific needs contact NYC Video Pros either via our website or directly at 212.931.4866 and we’ll be happy to discuss options to help produce your next corporate video project.

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