The Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Business

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Video is a powerful tool to showcase any business.

For small businesses marketing can be a difficult task – because small business owners and their employees are often handling multiple responsibilities. Yet, at the same time marketing their business and connecting with new customers is the lifeblood of these organizations.

The question becomes what’s the most efficient avenue to use the organization’s time and to capture it’s messaging. It takes a variety of tactics to market any business – especially in today’s social media-fueled world. As a matter of fact, I recently overheard a pizza shop owner discussing his Instagram strategy while flipping pies – no joke.

The need for content and connecting with your target audience is very real. Amid the litany of options for marketing a small business – video marketing is one of the most engaging, powerful, and efficient methods available today. Now, it’s 2017 so we’re not talking about cheesy late night cable television advertisements, that you might mistake for an SNL skit, but rather well-produced corporate video content that can powerfully engage and connect with customers.

Benefits of Corporate Video for Small Business Marketing

  • Enhance the sales process by putting key team members in front of every client
  • Showcase your expertise in a direct and conversational tone
  • Increase engagement as data shows customers respond better to websites with video
  • Video content can help with cross-platform marketing, building long-tail SEO, and traffic

The bottom line is corporate video is a cost-effect and powerful tool. It can level the playing field and engage audiences to drive business forward. Whether it’s sharing video of a pizza shop owner hard at work flipping pies, providing an overview of an organization’s capabilities, or any number of other tactics for corporate video should not be overlooked by any small business.

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