Videos Benefitting Conference Planners & Sales Professionals

Winning with Corporate Video Production for Conferences and Events; Video Production Services by NYC Video Pros for New York Video Production

Winning With Video for Conference Planners & Sales Professionals

Industry events such as conferences and expos are produced to provide an avenue for their respective industries to learn, connect and generally share knowledge. However, on the backend for event planners, conference organizers, and sales professionals there is generally a common goal to grow the event and drive the bottom line.

It’s at this intersection of goals – both for industry participants and event planners – that video can be used as a powerful content marketing tool.  While video has traditionally played a role in capturing keynotes and panel conversations there are new opportunities to leverage events and maximize a sponsors investment with video.

The event provides a rich opportunity to capture video assets for social media – which can showcase participants with the conference as the backdrop.  These instances create new opportunities for sales teams and event sponsors to leverage their investment and reach the industry.

The fact of the matter is that video can play a multifaceted role in reaching the industry and driving both event growth and the bottom line.

Here’s what winning with video looks like for event teams:

  • Sharing Keynote Sessions & Panel Discussions: Single or multi-camera coverage of the event – which can be sponsored and shared online with global audiences.
  • Highlighting the Event for Next Year: A well-produced broad overview that captures the event and its highlights to showcase the event and attract future sponsors and participants.
  • Capturing Conversations with Industry Leaders: A platform for the organization to produce original content that is ripe for sponsorship and can be shared via today’s social media channels.
Taken together these video tactics empower event planners and sales professionals to position their events at the forefront of the industry – while creating new opportunities to drive the bottom line. #videoforthewin
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