Have You Unlocked the Power of Video?

Corporate Video Is A Very Powerful Medium

It can be used to tell complex stories and to share innovations and insights into your organization’s story.

NYC Video Production planning for strategic New York Video Production by NYC Video Pros for Corporate Video productionAudiences are familiar with consuming content through a video format, and thanks to today’s technologies there are increasing opportunities to leverage video for PR and marketing efforts.  There are endless possibilities for integrating video into any communications strategy, from a corporate overview, to training videos, to news release about the latest initiatives.
Have you unlocked the power of video for your organization?  Here are three opportunities to consider if you need to ramp up your video strategy:
  • From the Boardroom: Corporate video production can be used to communicate ideas from the executive suite, to share thought leadership conversations with leading executives, or to provide presentations of the latest earnings.
  • Improve Sales: During the sales process, video can be utilized to educate and inform clients about your solutions and how you operate, as well as to introduce key team members who may not be able to personally meet all prospective clients.
  • Events Coverage: Event video production offers opportunities to capture keynote speakers and panel discussions, and to leverage these aspects and reach new audiences over time. Record industry leading interviews, demonstrations, and roundtable conversations that can be used in future content marketing and corporate video outreach efforts.
The key to unlocking the power of video is to think holistically about your PR and marketing campaigns.  Consider leveraging the power of video to open up new opportunities for telling your story while supporting your existing campaigns.  The ideas here are just a few examples of how video can be utilized, but ultimately the right approach will vary for every organization.  Our NYC video production company is here to help you come up with the best strategy for your needs.

Ready to brainstorm the best strategy for producing a corporate video for your organization? Need corporate video production services, or have an NYC Video Production project? We are proudly trusted by our client’s for their corporate video production services; our story is telling yours. Specializing in NYC Video Production and the best corporate video production solutions for clients all around the globe. To learn more or discuss your specific needs contact NYC Video Pros either via our website or directly at 212.931.4866 and we’ll be happy to discuss options to help produce your next corporate video project.

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