How Can Video Create Revenue From Your Next Conference

New Video Opportunities to Drive Revenue From Your Next Conference

If you produce a conference, or similar type of event, with the power of video coupled with today’s content hungry social media platforms, you’re sitting on a wealth of new revenue opportunities.

As a conference producer your goal is to bring the industry together, maintain your brand’s reputation as a key source of information, and of course to drive revenue. So, how can video create new opportunities at your next conference? Well, with the development of social media, your conference is uniquely positioned to create conversational content that offer sponsors the ability to further leverage their investment.

By building out a platform to capture thought leadership corporate video from the conference, you are able to meet you goals: highlighting the industry, positioning the conference as an on-going source of information, and building new opportunities for sponsors.

So, what would new sponsorship opportunities look like? These can come in the form of sponsoring studio space at the conference, co-branding video content, or even offering sponsors the ability to participate in video interviews.

The result is a win-win-win for all parties involved:

  • The conference is able to showcase the thought leaders in attendance
  • Sponsors can see continued ROI by utilizing the video assets produced on-location in their marketing efforts
  • The industry wins in that video creates another avenue to share knowledge, highlight new innovations, and drive sales

Finally, for all parties involved, there are long tail advantages of publishing video developed from the conference. These assets can have numerous PR & marketing uses and can keep the event, it’s participants, & sponsors top of mind long after the last session ends.

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