Tips for Adding Video to #PR & #Marketing Campaigns in 2016

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Tips for Adding Video to your #PR & #Marketing Campaigns in 2016

As you start looking at your PR & Marketing campaigns for 2016 here are some key tips to help successfully add corporate video production to your campaigns:

Plan, Plan, Plan

— Having lead time on your next corporate video production will help make the pre-production process less stressful and allow you to coordinate all of the details. That said, sometimes projects develop in-line with other activities and when necessary of course corporate videos can be coordinated on an accelerated schedule.

Think Strategically

— Integrating video doesn’t mean reinventing your editorial calendar.  Often there are strategic opportunities for producing corporate video, which will naturally mesh with your current outreach tactics and add another dimension to your storytelling.  For example, you can start producing corporate video from your annual conference, or enhance internal sales training with a video series, or use a cinematic video to showcase a milestone.

Find the Right Partner 

Video production services and the corresponding projects range in size and scope.  Depending on what you’re looking to accomplish and what the final video(s) are projected to be will help guide process and the associated budget.  That said, look for a video production partner that listens to your needs and helps identify a solution that will bring your vision to reality.  In terms of budget, look for a partner that can provide a flat-rate solution for your project, which will help prevent fiscal headaches once you’re into production.

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