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Turnkey flat-rate brand content video production services

When it comes to producing your branded content our experienced and knowledgeable team has you covered to develop dynamic brand content from concept through post-production. Our branded content services cover every part of the creative process from ideation through post-production and includes all of the necessary elements to professionally execute the strategy. Whether you want to create professional branded content that can fill your social media channels, develop brand content for subscription delivery, or add video to the sales pipeline our turnkey brand content video production services have you covered.



  • Working with the client we developed the strategy to showcase the chef & the product series at hand
  • Our team developed the structure of these branded content videos offering a soft sell on the products
  • We identified the shooting location and provided a turnkey multi-camera solution
  • Prior to the shoot, we identified all shots, graphics, and camera movements for the brand film production
  • Multiple music options were shared with the client to determine the right sound
  • We worked hand-in-hand with the client to identify & coordinate various shoot logistics


  • Our experienced corporate video director worked with the Chef to get him comfortable on camera
  • The process at-hand was captured in real-time from four angles
  • In-line with the pre-production blueprint product close-ups and key shots were captured
  • Various lenses and production tools were used to create dynamic shots for branded content
  • Working on-location we selected the best angles and locations that fit the client’s vision


  • Our team led the creative process to select the visuals that would create the best-branded content
  • A warm and friendly opening was created for the video series to capture the essence of the production
  • Development of branding and graphic elements to drive the story forward
  • We synthesized a series of four recipes; which were a part of the client’s branded content efforts
  • Final color correction & audio mastering of the overview video
  • Delivery of the final branded content videos in 4K & HD video via secure client website

To learn more about how our branded content video production services can benefit your company or to discuss how you can strategically leverage video production for your next project call us directly anytime at 212.931.4866 or use the form to the right.  We return all inquiries the same day.

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