Conference AV in the Times of Virtual Events

Event production and the concept of a conference AV partner like so many other industries has experienced a significant disruption. In Corona times, almost everyone switched gears and pivoted to virtual events.

Conference AV Partner

The shift in event production has taken corporate and non-profit events out of the ballroom and into the small screen. Leading conference AV partners to work with event and meeting planners to think differently about their productions. Driving them to develop creative virtual event production solutions.

Conferences, trade shows, corporate, non-profit galas and events have shifted to the virtual stage. These organizations are turning to AV professionals and video production companies to light up the virtual stage. As opposed to the typical corporate theatre environment.

Now, while things may look different and the venues are online, here are a few aspects of virtual event production to be mindful of from an AV perspective:

 Think Strategically – Perhaps counterintuitive but set aside the technology and the virtual event platforms. Think about the goals of your event. Let those goals drive the approach and how you develop the show flow for your virtual event.

– Focus on Production Values – Producing your event as a virtual event means that you have to shift production from the ballroom to the broadcast of the event. It’s important to find the right balance of production.

Perhaps you are developing a broadcast complete with video production kits for keynotes and C-suite segments. While having breakout rooms produced by a single producer or stage manager using moderators and panelists own technology.

– Plan Plan Plan – While the event production may look different when it comes to a virtual event it is equally, if not more important, that every detail is planned to ensure a successful virtual production.

As much as things have evolved for conference AV and event production many of the aspects remain the same and features such as keynotes, roundtables, networking, & audience interaction can all thrive in the virtual event.

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