The Impact of Covid on the World of Production

In Covid times the impact of the virus as we all know far too well is far-reaching…impacting our daily lives and changing the way we do just about everything it seems. It’s safe to say the pandemic caused unprecedented disruption in different businesses, organizations and industries. 

Impact of Covid on event production

That being said, production both for event production and video production professionals have had to evolve to ensure things are done safely, following health protocols. Additionally, the virus has had an indelible impact on audiences as they have access to and consume a new generation of content in the way of #virtualevents.

In the midst of Covid times, and facing social distancing and cross-infection restrictions, those in the video production and event production are dealing with an unparalleled disruption to business as usual. Yet, driven by human nature to connect new opportunities are emerging that require production professionals to think differently, by being more creative and use new and emerging tools to create new experiences to connect audiences. The word “innovation” has become almost synonymous to the word “pandemic” in the world of production if not “virtual events”

The impact of Covid on the world of production is far-reaching and it’s led to:

– Virtual Event Experiences

– Remote Video Production Capture

– Development of new comprehensive production solutions

In a time where live events, conferences, and pressers can not function in their traditional capacities or IRL (in real life) or live meetings and gatherings are either not allowed or limited – the production community has responded with innovative tools to coordinate virtual event production and remote video production that span the production spectrum and are reshaping the landscape for business. Discovering possibilities, opening new opportunities and all in the name of keeping the audience engage and feel the connection despite being socially distant at the moment.

All of that is to say, as per the famous saying, that “the show must go on.”

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