The New Age of Event Production: Maximizing Opportunities for Your Organization

In a post pandemic world, event production and corporate video production look a little bit different. Like so many other parts of life- event production and corporate video production have emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic in an altered state.

The New Age of Event Production adn corporate video

The good news for businesses, non-profits, associations and just about any kind of organization is a new world of opportunities have developed to showcase messages, share insights, and drive revenue all the while opening the doors for accessibility.
Impacted by technology developments that were spurred by the pandemic – today event production has become a mix of the traditional in-person event and it’s digital counterparts. The result is a new hybrid model.

Hybrid event production is going to take on many different formats and open the doors for creativity in both how events are produced and how audiences experience content.

To that end, as event productions resume and conferences and meeting planners alike look to leverage these new tools there are new opportunities that organizations can dive into to maximize the results.

Dual Attendance

With the emergence of virtual and hybrid events organizations can tap into global audiences which means in the event planning process and then during the event production being mindful of crafting specific attendee experiences that are unique to the participation modality. In other words, what works for those on-location may very well be different than digital attendees and vice versa.

Sponsorship Opportunities

In addition to the standard sponsorship options for events and conferences with digital events running in parallel there are a world of new channels for strategic partners. There are ways to incorporate more traditional graphical promotions, video marketing or video advertisements that roll into digital broadcasts, and content related opportunities including pay for play tracks and sponsored sessions or roundtable breakouts.

Global Access

With the ability to reach global audiences organizations can now reach a much broader audience. This also means that those who couldn’t attend for any number of economic, social, or physical issues can now attend. That means being mindful of making sure content is accessible for all – the definition of which will vary by event. In terms of accessibility, it’s important to think about things such as program timing, translation and closed captioning.
It’s a new age or event production and it’s ripe with opportunities that will require the right production team and a strategic mindset to make the most of the possibilities.

[This post was originally published by NYC Video Pros as a press release about event production]

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