Event Production Strategies in a Delta Variant World

As the world begins to reopen and marketing and event professionals turn their attention to the next generation of event production strategies. Perhaps one of the biggest questions at hand is how to navigate production in a world impacted by the virus which continues to spread through the Delta variant.

Luckily, the pandemic saw the rise of a litany of event production and virtual event platforms. Which allow event producers the ability to craft incredible experiences. Now, faced with managing the unknown of the Delta variant, meeting planners, conference organizers, and event producers have a new challenge to use these tools. While producing in-person events and managing the ever-changing rules and regulations in an evolving world.

To that end, with the emergence of hybrid event production, the fact of the matter is that for many event and marketing professionals new workflows are emerging. New strategies for planning events are taking hold. For most organizations, hybrid events are the future. Both modalities are important to the user experience. Further, the good news is that in using these tools to deploy a break-away strategy, it can be easier to navigate the Delta variant world.

A break-away strategy allows an organization a dual path to producing an event, IRL & digital. Rather than reacting at the last minute and trying to figure out how to pivot to digital with a breakaway strategy both events are planned at the same time. This makes it easy to mitigate last-minute requirements that alter the on-site event. Whether it is a reduction in attendees or a venue that is unable to host the event. With the break-away strategy, the digital or virtual event production can still proceed as planned and ensure that the attendees and presenters still have the ability to congregate.

The key to this event production strategy is planning the dual-track event both the in-person event and the digital, or virtual event production concurrently. The reality is, for most organizations, hybrid event production is here to stay. This will be a natural workflow going forward to ensure maximum exposure and success for virtual, hybrid and traditional events.

There’s no doubt that that is a game-changer and organizations have to be mindful of the requirements for successful event production as they go through the creative and execution process.

[This post was originally published by NYC Video Pros as a press release on event production strategies]

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