Pivoting to Virtual Events in Light of the Delta Variant

As we enter the busy Fall ’21 and Spring ’22 event production season (hybrid, in-person and virtual events) – many event pros (#eventprofs) are going to be carefully navigating the realities of the Delta variant.

Virtual Events Vs. Delta Variant

Over the course of the last year and a half, corporate video production and event production have evolved. Disrupted by the global pandemic and the evolution of new production strategies. Virtual events solutions and hybrid options to be exact. Now, as the world continues to turn, facing a variant that is forcing many to revisit plans for the upcoming months – which begs the question how is it best to utilize these new tools for successful campaigns.

NYC Video Pros, Executive Producer, Jason Cohen explains:

“The event production game has certainly changed. The reality is organizations need to think strategically in light of the virus, the variant. And whatever is around the corner to produce dynamic events that can succeed in any modality.”

To that end – Cohen goes on to explain that with the right strategy, event professionals can craft engaging events that can be both hybrid and virtual. Allowing for the best of both worlds. In fact, utilizing a two-prong approach – event professionals can not only reach larger audiences with the power of hybrid event productions, but have a failsafe in place. Should the virus force future cancellation of IRL components and allow events to proceed with a virtual event presence.

As organizations look to make this pivot and preserve their events in the coming months – the silver lining is two-fold. First, audiences are increasingly accustomed to and receptive to attending virtual events. Secondly, there are increasing capabilities that allow virtual event productions to look and feel like broadcast events, which highlight the brand and keep audiences tuned in.

Looking to learn more about hybrid and virtual events check out The Institute of Virtual Lunch ‘n Learn Series.

[This post was originally published by NYC Video Pros as a press release on einpresswire.com]

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