The State of Corporate Video Production

Pre-pandemic – corporate video production was a very useful marketing strategy for organizations, if not vital. Businesses jump to the opportunity to produce a variety of video content. From long and detailed tutorial videos to compelling commercials on Youtube. Then to the more mainstream short-form videos on Tiktok or any social media platform. 

The truth is corporate video production offered organizations a fantastic opportunity to communicate and share messages directly with consumers and business partners. Both before and even in the midst of the pandemic.

As a matter of fact, when the pandemic happened it not only tapped into the power of corporate video production but it bolstered organizations ability to communicate. Video messaging was warmly received as audiences looked for alternative ways to communicate. Look no further than virtual event productions, which at the core were corporate video productions.


To that end, at the height of the pandemic with almost everyone working from home, there was heightened demand for corporate video production. As these productions allowed businesses and organizations to stay relevant. Zoom meetings replaced regular office meetings – corporate video powered solutions such as webinars, live streaming broadcasts and virtual event productions became the go-to strategies for meeting / event planners and marketers.

As the world continues to evolve, and pandemic era restrictions ease – it is safe to say that the creative organizations are going to continue to find new opportunities to leverage corporate video production. Pre-pandemic audiences were used to consuming video content. This consumption and the pandemic further entrenched how both businesses and their target audiences can benefit from corporate video production. 


With the game now changed, it’s just not about putting out your message as an organization. It is now also vital to have a professionally produced corporate video that can compete with people’s attention and engage global audiences. The silver lining for marketing and communications folks out of the pandemic era is heightened interest in and acceptance of corporate video productions. Whether they are live broadcasts at the heart of virtual event productions, or brand films which capture capabilities and share insights. 

The truth of the matter is that corporate video production has become one of the cornerstones of every marketing director’s war chest. Therefore having the right strategy to represent the brand and contribute to the growing “metaverse” . Further, on the horizon, organizations will start thinking about corporate video inclusive of new tools such as AR & VR technologies, which will make corporate videos even more engaging and immersive.

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