What to Make of Event Production in 2022 After the Pandemic-era

After two years of disruption the world of event production is bound to rebound in 2022; so that begs the question what can we expect as we emerge from the pandemic era?

The answer – it would seem is that moving forward event productions are going to look somewhat similar to their predecessors but with new elements infused from the digital transformation of events initiated by the pandemic. While the last few years have been centered around virtual event productions the future of the industry will certainly reflect and build on the innovations of pandemic times and tie in those experiences that have driven live event productions for decades.

Hybrid is the new Black

Building on the technological innovations and the ability to reach global audiences the future of the events is destined to be Hybrid. What does hybrid mean exactly? Well, it’s going to vary by organization and event – but at its core event pros are going to find new opportunities to create in-person and virtual experiences that run in tandem.

What’s Old Is New Again

While hybrid event production will lead the way the fact of the matter is that as the global community achieves herd immunity and organizations turn back to crafting new experiences we can expect event production to start to resume to look like something quite familiar. While new digital experiences will be woven into many “traditional” events – expect to see tradeshows, SKOs, and conferences flourish as hubs where digital audiences can gather and connect.

Creativity Reborn

As we head into 2022, there is a new opportunity for event professionals to think creatively and to build new event productions that spark the imagination. Throughout the pandemic the event production industry had the unique opportunity to re-write the rules with the opportunity to bring virtual event productions to the forefront; and now in the post-pandemic world there is a new opportunity to bring a new layer of creativity to the IRL experience.

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