Finding the Silver Lining of the Impact of the Pandemic on Video & Event Production

The last two years have invariably left an impact on every facet of life including video and event production. Despite the inevitable impact, the future of video and event production is bright and while the pandemic changed the landscape it also created new opportunities.

As we collectively embark on a new era, and things begin to return to a new normal, which admittedly is still evolving, it’s an opportunity to look at the impact left behind by COVID-19 on corporate video production and corporate event production.

While it would be difficult to quantify what industry was hit the hardest by the pandemic there is no arguing that event productions were deeply impacted by travel and gathering size limitations; which have yet to return to pre-pandemic levels. Similarly, while corporate video production morphed and evolved there’s no denying that production, in general, experienced a disruption as social distance and other measures were woven into #setlife.

Title Card Impact of Pandemic to Video & Event industry with camera bts

We know as it’s going to take a long time for the dust to settle to see what the long-term impact will be from the pandemic. However, as things begin to return to a new normal – there are silver linings from the pandemic in many respects for video or event production

Corporate Video: As a video and event production company we have a long history of producing corporate video productions with a keen eye on camera work, shot composition, sound quality, framing, lighting, location, and direction to ensure proper delivery from on-camera guests. With the pandemic the “Zoom” look of self-captured content has entered the mix and we suspect that at times capture for corporate video production is going to include remote video production solutions that are often remotely directed.

Hybrid Events: We’ve all heard the term “hybrid” and the reality is we’re all still learning – and defining – what that term means. Hybrid event production is going to have a different meaning depending on the organization and the style of the event production that the organization wants to deploy. The bottom line is the pandemic allowed us to reinvent the modern event experience and when it comes to hybrid we now have options as to both how we produce events and how our audiences can consume those same events.

Virtual Events: Pre-pandemic virtual events existed but they were nascent and audiences were largely uneducated as to what a virtual event production could consist of, and marketers weren’t necessarily aware of their sheer power. Now, post-pandemic we’re all well aware of virtual events, and how they can connect audiences. The fact of the matter is beyond the pandemic virtual events will not be the primary vehicle for events as they were for two years. However, we should expect that virtual events are here to stay in any number of capacities as they are effective, eco-friendly, and data generating events that have an undeniable power to connect.

While today may look different than pre-pandemic in terms of video and event production – the fact is as an industry there’s a lot of upside for growth, creativity, and finding new opportunities to produce events and content that connect us and create new experiences and connections. Embrace these tools and think creatively about how your organization connects and tells it’s own unique story.

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