3 Things the Pandemic Impacted in the World of Corporate Video Production

The Covid-19 global pandemic impacted virtually every part of life and that’s not a pun on virtual events but rather the fact that we can look at different parts of the pandemic and how just about everything including corporate video production has changed in some capacity.

That said, corporate video production is not immune (again apologies for the pun.) There are a number of aspects of the video production process that have been impacted. This isn’t surprising given the world’s reliance on video messaging, video conferencing, and virtual events. Which united us during almost 2 years of pandemic that kept many in quarantine and limited the size of public gatherings.

So as we return to a new form of normal in our world of events and video production, we thought we would highlight three aspects of corporate video production have been impacted by the pandemic.


There are varying use cases for Zoom to alter the video production process. We see Zoom as a tool in the video production war chest. It can be used to remotely capture interviews, fireside chats, or similar kinds of content. It can also be used to connect back of house operations for virtual event productions and to monitor remote video productions.

Remote Video Production

To that end, another impact of the pandemic is the development and mainstream acceptance of Remote Video Production. Whether by Zoom or any number of production methodologies, there are new avenues for video production companies to ingest video content from participants in different locations.

Additionally, with these tools we can produce corporate video productions anywhere around the globe and direct talent as if we’re in the same room. Sometimes that means capture using their own technology and working with them to coax out the necessary content. Other times it means integrating our production crews on the ground with remote direction to keep a limited footprint.

Socially Distanced Production

That reduced footprint leads to another change the global pandemic has had on corporate video production and how video production companies are operating – with social distance. As per the opportunities afforded by remote video production, we are now more mindful of how many people we’re operating with on-location. It also means finding new ways to be smarter, more efficient. Operating in a manner that gets the job done – while also being mindful of keeping team members socially distanced. Keeping safety protocols in mind like being masked and keeping sets as safe as possible.

Like many aspects of life Covid-19 has had an immeasurable impact on the world of corporate video production. But in all reality, that also means new opportunities. So, as you think about your next corporate video production and discuss how to approach your production with video production companies keep in mind these changes. How they may lead to new avenues to improve your corporate video production.

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