Tips on How to Get More People to Attend Your Virtual Events or Webinars?

Virtual events are becoming more popular as professionals look for new ways of connecting with their target market. Through the global pandemic marketing professionals, event profs, and attendees all learned the power of virtual events.

That being said, as virtual events have matured, we thought we would spend a few minutes discussing how to get more people to attend your virtual event and to increase the production value and the experience for attendees. This article aims at helping beginners (as well as those looking to improve their virtual events) get started along with some tips on how they can inspire maximum participation from their potential customers and build a stronger relationship with their target audience.

Find the perfect time for your webinars

For webinars and virtual event productions to be successful, it is extremely important that you comprehend your target audience’s schedule. This means that you need to target the attendees based on their geographic location and time zone. It ensures that you don’t miss out on any potential customers and can cater to your attendees based on their time preferences. In practicality, this may mean providing a live stream of your event for different audiences at different times – or providing a replay to allow different attendees to watch the program aligned with their local time zone.

Take time to build credibility

Webinars can vary in type and each type can have specific goals. Irrespective of the type of webinar you conduct, one thing is certain, you need credibility. People should be able to connect with you and your organization and see you as an industry leader. To gain credibility, you must design your webinar in a conversational manner and not sound too salesy. Understand your attendees’ needs and present your content based on their demands. When you take this kind of strategic approach with virtual events and webinars, you’ll find that the audience turns to you and trusts the content your organization provides.

Include interactive content

Webinars and virtual event platforms are known for generating great leads, but they can also fall short if you don’t pay attention to the content. Your content must be engaging and interactive. The attendees should get complete information just by engaging with your webinar. Well-produced webinars and virtual event productions include a number of ways for attendees to interact and play a role in the dialogue these include polls, surveys or Q&A sessions. These kinds of tools allow audiences to play a role, take ownership in the conversation, and also allow the organization to capture data.

Use social media to promote your webinar

Social media is a great way to spread the word about your virtual event. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google + can help you connect with your target audience and let them know that you are hosting an virtual event or webinar. You must also not forget to use hashtags while posting your webinar details on social media.

Provide on-demand content

There is a litany of opportunities not only with the live broadcast but with on-demand video content that can educate and inform your audiences. So, while it’s important to provide audiences with the ability to watch the broadcast as a replay – it’s also equally important to think about what other content you might make available as on-demand video content. Might you use on-demand content to drive pre-event or post-event interactions? There are a lot of opportunities to consider in terms of on-demand content and what you’re producing, which should be discussed and considered concurrently to producing the live broadcast that lives at the core of your virtual event or webinar.

Final Words

So, webinars and virtual events are a great way to build relationships with potential customers and generate more leads. You can target content to help your audiences throughout their experience, and you can capture a great deal of data to better inform future virtual event productions. The key is to think strategically and increase your production values by following these webinar and virtual event production tips!

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