The Power of Video for Inbound Marketing

In all of the iterations of marketing, video can play a vital role in today’s world.

Specifically, let’s take a look at how video can supplement the inbound marketing funnel activities.

With inbound marketing – you want to develop a content marketing plan that builds trust. This approach offers prospects on-going, bite-sized assets, that they can consume over time and at their own pace.

Enter video marketing, which when done correctly as part of an inbound marketing funnel can lead to higher conversion rates, establish credibility, and help drive sales.

That all begs the question of what types of videos might play a role in an inbound marketing strategy.

While that answer is going to vary based on the business and the overall campaign, however, to jumpstart your inbound video marketing strategy here are three areas that video can be used to supercharge the sales funnel.


Sharing the organization’s story with an overview video, which can educate audiences and answer many frequently asked questions can drastically improve the sales process as educated buyers are more confident and more likely to take action.

Intro the team:

It would be ideal if members of your entire team could meet with every prospective client – but naturally, that’s unrealistic. With the power of video you can now integrate those team members into the inbound marketing process and share insights, and highlight expertise from all parts of the organization.

Answer Questions:

Throughout the sales process there are likely a series of questions that you’re always answering. Perhaps these are things that various team members have expertise in, or maybe there are aspects of the business where it’s helpful to go a little deeper…either way having video assets that cover these areas and help clients make informed decisions can go a long way to your inbound marketing efforts.

Again, however, you look to integrate a corporate video production strategy to your inbound marketing activities – if done correctly it is bound to pay dividends and help educate prospects throughout the sales cycle.

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