What to consider when shooting on location in NYC

Shooting on-location may have been where Murphy’s Law was born.

Seriously, when it comes to video production – you never necessarily know what might go wrong.

However, with enough planning and when you work with an experienced video production company you can often mitigate many of the common issues that pop up during a video production project.

So, as you plan for your next on-location NYC video production, and scout locations for the production here are three areas to pay attention to in an effort to prevent issues on the day you shoot the video in New York.


Is the location conducive to recording audio as part of the video production? Are there times of day where it’s louder or are there environmental sounds to take note of before going into production?


How much control do you have over the lighting? Are there a lot of windows or interior accent lights? If there are windows are they going to be in your shot? Or can you block out those windows?


Can you get the angles that will tell the story the way your video producer envisions? Evaluate how much space there is for the video production. Consider if there’s enough room for the camera(s), lights, crew, and all of the supporting gear.

Hopefully, as you plan your next video production in NYC, these tips will help you avoid some of these pitfalls and have a successful video production in NYC.

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