Using Marketing Video Production to Drive Your Business

When you think about marketing video production in 2019 the reality is there are a lot of opportunities to help your organization use video to achieve a number of common goals.

To that end, every business communicates various messages with internal and external audiences in the course of business. These may be messages during the sales cycle, intentioned for customer service, as well as for employee communications.

All of that said, it begs the question of:

“how can marketing video production play a role in enhancing the organization’s activities in each of these areas.”

Let’s take a closer look – and it’s important to note that marketing video production, or promotional video production, can refer to not only traditional marketing strategies but also efforts that support all aspects of the business.

Sales Cycle:

Video can drive the inbound pipeline by sharing the company’s unique story with a well-produced corporate video. Video assets can move prospects through the various points of the sales process and answer key questions, introduce remote employees, or share insights from the C-suite to help ease customers concerns and build the relationship.

Customer Service:

Similarly, once a sale is closed, video can play a vital role in the post-sale environment. Video can be used to onboard the client – sharing insights into what to expect and to help them make the most of the investment. What that means will vary for every organization – for some, it will be providing demonstrations and for others, it will be explaining resources or anything in between.

Employee Communications:

Keeping employees engaged, educated on the latest offerings, and up-to-date on industry news is a vital component to keeping the organization aligned. With on-going video updates or training video productions, you can bridge these gaps and maximize employee engagement, which also translates into a better client experience.

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