3 Locations for Your NYC Video Productions This Summer

We’ve heard that Summer is around the corner, now lookin’ out the ole office window today that seems far fetched – but we’re gonna go with it and share 3 places we love to shoot video in New York.

So, if you’re planning a NYC Video production, thinking about producing a brand film, or want some new inspiration for great locations around NYC for video production projects hopefully this list will hit the spot.

Now, I know what you’re thinking is this another list of iconic of locations for video productions in NYC? Heck, no…we’re going deep on this list with three options that you may not have considered for your next NYC video production.

Three Summer Locations for Your NYC Video Production

1 – Collister Street: Need that old cobblestone street look and feel without the crowds of SoHo? Check out Collister Street, which is a tiny block right off of Laight Street on the outskirts of Tribecca. A great option for a narrative NYC film production, or as a backdrop for a brand film production.

2 – Central Park North: Trying to think of an option for a video production in NYC that can be urban, quaint, and still have a New York vibe? Look no further than the Northern section of Central Park, located just off of the appropriately named Central Park North and Fifth Avenue. This quiet corner of the park features a variety of options, including paths and waterfront options that could work for any number of scenes to set the tone for a brand film production or serve as a great backdrop for the next corporate video production.

3 – The Brooklyn Waterfront: Now, maybe you want a hint of the Statue of Liberty or downtown Manhattan to establish the location for your NYC Video Production. The Brooklyn waterfront provides just that – ample vantage points to consider depending on the vision you have for your New York video production project.

Hopefully, these locations help with your next video production in New York…because we hear soon enough that big bright thing we call the Sun is going to come out and give us some pretty awesome options for shooting video in NYC this summer!

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