The Intangibles for a Successful Corporate Video Production

When it comes to corporate video production services there are a number of factors that you may not necessarily think about – these intangibles are often crucial to a successful corporate video production project.

Now, we recently discussed the gear necessary for a successful corporate video production, but for this article, we want to shift our attention to the things that you may not have thought about.

If you are trying to produce the best business video production possible then it’s important to be mindful of the production quality.


Whether you are working with a professional video production company or producing your corporate video production in-house direction is an integral part of the equation. This is in terms of translating the goals of the project into the final corporate video production, as well as working to coax out the best content during interviews and working with the DP (director of photography) to ensure all visuals are captured to support the narrative.


What is the goal of the corporate video production? What is the story? Is the story fully defined? Are there specific key messages? Have you given the viewer a full understanding of the topic and reinforced the primary messages? Does the story flow and usher the viewer along the narrative at a comfortable and sensible pace?


Perhaps bring it all together is composition. A corporate video production is essentially a multi-layered tapestry of images, sounds, and graphics brought together in any number of styles to read the primary goal for the project at hand. So, composition refers to this interplay of all of these elements – how is the story put together? Does the direction compliment the story? Does the viewer walk away with the right messaging?

Paying attention to these aspects of your next corporate video production, whether it’s a video marketing production, a training video production, or a brand film production will help you successfully advance the production.

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