Things You Need to Jumpstart Your Corporate Video Strategy

Three things you need to jumpstart your corporate video strategyYou keep scratching off items on your to-do list and now it’s time to turn your attention to corporate video production. So, what’s the best path forward to leverage video?

First, think about where you are trying to use video within the organization. Today, video can play a number of roles to help your business with marketing activities, in onboarding employees through a series of training videos, or with a live streaming solution for the next corporate event.

The fact is there are a multitude of areas where video can play a role in sharing your message, educating, and keeping various parties engaged.

Jumpstart Your Corporate Video Strategy

To kickstart your efforts, here are three areas to focus on as you start thinking about how to integrate corporate video production:

Vision – Start by having a strategic conversation with your internal team, and if you’re working with an external video production company about how you want to use video. These important early brainstorming sessions are helpful to identify opportunities where video can improve communications, drive sales, and engage audiences.

Goals – Do you want to drive sales? Enhance employee communications? Improve post-sale communications? Reach global audiences with a series of live video webcasts? Obviously, each of these tactics have different requirements and identifying your goals at the front end of your dive into video will help you maximize efforts.

Budget – Keep in mind that you want to produce video content that is professional in nature and leaves viewers with a positive impression of the brand. For many, the video may be their first interaction with, and be a driving force in their perception of the organization. So, as you start thinking about how to use corporate video production it is important that you define a budget that will allow you to work either internally, or with a video production company to produce content that delivers this positive brand impression.

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