How PR campaigns can use video production

The name of the game has changed. PR has traditionally been about earning media coverage but today there are ample opportunities to help clients to leverage new online mediums.

Specifically, video marketing means new opportunities add outreach opportunities to your PR campaigns. Video can help clients tell their stories, engage audiences through social media, and to maximize the investment that clients make in experiential events and conferences.

To that end, as you look at your upcoming public relations campaigns here are few opportunities to keep in mind to leverage video production services.

Video Production Opportunities For Your PR Campaign

– Branded Content: When it comes to brand films or branded content, the possibilities are endless. Want to do something creative with a spokesperson? Or want to produce a narrative that gently sells the client?

– Thought Leadership: Feature executives in a series of thought leadership videos that educate the industry and position your client as the go-to resource.

– Video News Releases: Create a 2-3 minute story that captures the client’s campaign, told with their narrative and ensures that key messages are delivered. The video news release can be tied to your press release campaign, as well as integrated into microsites and social media.

Working with an experienced video producer you can identify a strategy that aligns with your PR campaign and allows you to tap into the power of corporate video production for your client’s next initiative.

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