Things to Know When Hiring a Video Marketing Company

If you need a company that can work with you to develop video marketing content then here are some things to guide the process when hiring video marketing companies.

Know Your Goals

First, the most important thing to know when hiring video marketing companies is the overall goal for your video production. Now, you may not know exactly what you want, but you should have a broad idea at least to guide the conversation. Further, you’ll want to go into your first meeting with a video marketing company knowing who your audience will be, as this will direct who the company targets the video at and how it will be produced.

Video Marketing CompaniesObviously, as you begin the dialogue with the video marketing company a lot of this discussion will help you to see their thought process, and help you to define the strategy for your video marketing initiative.

The video marketing company will likely ask you some guiding questions including:

– What subject matter you want to cover? Or what events and activities you have coming up as part of your marketing agenda to consider how video can play a role.

– What style of video you want to produce – whether it’s something formal or informal and casual, or something different.

– What is your key messaging and who are the important players to keep in mind internally as they look to tell the organization’s story.

When it comes to hiring a video marketing company look for a production company that will work with you to identify a strategy to using video in your marketing efforts. Similarly, look for a video production partner that will value your business and take a long-tail look at working together and help maximize your budget.

Sit Down With the Video Marketing Company

When you have looked through your list of video marketing companies and have narrowed down your top choices, contact the video production companies that stand out to you and have an initial consultation either via phone or set-up a time to meet with them in person. This initial meeting will let you find the right video marketing partner – to that end you should come in with some questions ready for them to answer, for example:

● Does the marketing company use templates, or do they tailor every project to the needs of the client? A developed process is great, but a one-size-fits-all approach is going to result in a subpar product.

● Does the video marketing company you’re meeting with just produce video content or do they help develop a cohesive strategy for your organization to leverage video?

● What different types of videos do they have experience with, and which industries have they worked for? Have worked in your industry before, or do they have an understanding as to the aesthetic you want for your videos?

● Who will be your point of contact throughout the process, and will they be providing updates on the projects progress throughout video production?

● Does the video marketing company have examples of previous video productions they have produced? Ask for examples of previous work, and ask if they have had repeat customers. Repeat customers are happy customers, which means their videos and marketing are high quality and effective.

● Do they have a similar work ethic and passion as your company?

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