Choosing A Video Production Company For A Business Video

Video is one of the most efficient ways for a brand or organization to advertise themselves. Not only is it more visually appealing, but video is a great way to quickly grab someone’s attention. More and more companies, of all sizes, are looking to invest in video production but it isn’t as easy as googling “video production companies” and picking the first result. Whether you are a business owner, marketing director, or developing a content marketing strategy, this post will teach you four ways to strategically choose a video production company!

1. Review Their Portfolio

This one may seem a little obvious but that’s because it is! The first thing you should do when approaching video production companies is look at their portfolios and take note of what you do, and don’t like. Is the content fresh and unique? Is it professional? Are the colors lively? Are the angles creative? Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in special effects and filler because, at the end of the day, the video must be able to accomplish its intended purpose. Further, don’t necessarily look for an example that is exactly like what you want to produce – but instead look for a video production company that has versatile experience and is capable of producing a professional video marketing asset. As your needs may vary, you may be looking to promote a new product, or train new team members, or tell the corporation’s story, look for a partner that can work with you to strategically produce these kinds of videos.

Video Production Company

Professional Video Production

2. Understand Structure and Process

Video production is a process that involves several stages and steps, and each one must be carried through with focus and a commitment to quality. It is important that the video production companies you interview have a deep knowledge of what is required to create an audio-visual piece of content from start to finish. Ultimately, the company you choose to work with should be a firm that you can see being a partner in the creative process and will listen to your needs, and guide your organization through the video production process.

3. Meet the Team

While interviewing video production companies, it is important that you have an understanding as to the team that will work with you on the video production project. Learn about the types of video marketing projects the team has orchestrated in the past, how they will crew your project, and work with your team. The ideal team must be professional, experienced, responsible and of course focused on your project.

4. See what previous clients have to say

Whether you read testimonials from previous clients, contact clients of video production companies, or read reviews, the bottom line is do your due diligence. Doing your homework will let you learn more about the video production process, the video production team’s professionalism, and gain insight into how clients are treated, what it’s like to work with the video production company, and what you can expect if you choose the firm you’re researching. All of this information will go a long way in helping you make a well-informed decision and lead you to have a successful video production project.

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