Nine Tips for Choosing a Video Production Company

Making sure you choose the right Video Production Company in NYC for your marketing campaign can be a daunting task, and you may be wondering what you should look for in a video production company in order to have a high-quality and effective video produced for your company.

Tip #1 – Company History and Structure

When looking for a Video Production Company in NYC, the first thing you should discover about the company is how long they have been in business. A company that has been in business for many years is more likely to have extensive experience in preparing audio visual content and developing corporate video productions. Also, you want to find out if they are structured and if they understand how to handle and manage your project – since it’s unique and shouldn’t be treated like it’s just another video production project.

Tip #2 – Company Portfolio

Check out the portfolio of any Video Production Company in NYC that you are considering hiring. Seeing their previously produced content can give you an insight in their creative skills, as well as into knowing if their style is going to match with your concepts. If you have a specific style of marketing video or corporate video production share it with the company and ask if they can produce content in that fashion.

Tip #3 – Timelines

If you are hiring a Video Production Company in NYC, then very early on, get them to produce for you an expected timeline for the project. Find out if they are flexible, if they work with you based on your requirements, or if they have a specific video production project timeline that they recommend. That way, you can find out if they will be able to produce the audiovisual content for you in a timely manner. As well, inquire about any potential holdups they may expect during the process.

Tip #4 – Communication

Communication is an important part of a creative process. When hiring a Video Production Company in NYC, find out who you will be communicating with primarily throughout the process, and when you will be able to communicate with the company. Find out if you’ll have a dedicated team member assigned to your project and how they handle communication; the more communication the better outcome of the project.

Tip #5 – Creative Options

When scouting for a Video Production Company in NYC, ask them what kind of images or designs will be used during the production of your audiovisual content. Is the content made in-house, or are they using stock content? Do they shoot on-location? Or in-studio? Will they come to your offices or event to capture footage? Also, will multiple options for voiceover be available, such as accents, age, gender, etc. And will the music and voice licensing be compatible with your content distribution?

Tip #6 – Delivery

Once your content is produced, nothing is more important than getting that content out to the public. Your Video Production Company in NYC should arm you with the final videos in high-definition to ensure you have all the necessary tools to promote the video on your website, and social media channels.

Tip #7 – Payment Options

What payment options are available with the Video Production Company in NYC you have chosen? Knowing how much your production is going to cost is important, so find out how and when you need to make payments to keep your production going smoothly. Further, ask the team if they provide flat-rate solutions, which will allow you to better plan and eliminate any budgetary concerns.

Tip #8 – Ownership of Produced Content

When your corporate video content has been produced by a Video Production Company in NYC, who is the owner of the assets of said project? Make sure you know what parts of your production are owned by your company and what parts remain ownered by the production company. The right partner is going to ensure that you have full ownership of the finished video assets to use in your campaigns.

Tip #9 – Future Edits

What if content needs to be updated in the future? Be sure to ask the Video Production Company in NYC you choose what options they have available for possibly editing content after the project has been completed. The right partner will have your interests prioritized first and will work with you to ensure you have the content you need for future edits.

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