How Can A Corporate Video Impact Your Marketing?

A strategic visual marketing plan is the number one way for businesses to connect and engage with their audiences and grow their network. This is evident through the popularity of social media apps like Instagram. Not only are they for personal use, but it is very rare for a business to succeed in 2018 without a presence on Instagram. As you may know, Instagram recently added a story feature to the app, which allows users to share images as well as videos for a 24-hour period in addition to their feed. This feature was favorably received, and stories can actually garner more attention and feedback than posts. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth millions, right? Businesses can step up their visual marketing by including corporate video production into their engagement strategies.

Corporate videos can be used to advertise and promote a new product launch or a service. They can also be used to share information about a grand opening or an event. Further, corporate videos are a powerful B2B sales tool and can help to introduce processes, team members, and provide insights from industry leaders. Viewers can retain more information from watching a short video than they can from reading a lengthy text post, and a video is more likely to grasp and hold their attention.

Let’s break the creation process down.

1. What is your objective?

Before you can delve into the production of your corporate videos, you need to know what your end game is. What is the point you are trying to convey to your viewers? What branding (if any) should your corporate video have? What is the format and style for the production?

2. Who is your audience?

You know why you are creating a corporate video (, but do you know who you are creating the video for? Your target audience cannot be too vague, but it cannot be too general, either. Your company’s product, service, or launch won’t appeal to everyone, but it will appeal to a lot of people. You need to define who those people are and what it is that they want to see. This will help you pinpoint the language, visuals, and direction of your video.

3. How long should the video be?

Your corporate video has to be able to draw your audience in immediately. Information is so easily obtainable, and we are constantly connected to an incoming stream of news and stories via our smartphones; therefore, your corporate video typically has to be short and engaging. In most instances, it’s best to strive to communicate your message in the two minute ballpark; sometimes shorter is better and in other circumstances longer is better. Keep in mind that audiences will only retain a percentage of your messaging so try to reinforce key messages several times and in different ways including using on-screen informational graphics to highlight key points.

4. How to connect with your audience?

Do not rush through the process of creating your corporate video just so you can get it out to your audience quicker. Take your time to produce your video in a professional manner – and remember you want your content to leave a lasting impression and be emotionally appealing. Further, this corporate video is a reflection on the organization and how it is produced and the attention to detail is important from a branding perspective.

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