Corporate Video is Essential to Marketing Your Business

There are excellent reasons to think of video as the most essential marketing tool your business can use. The most obvious one is that people are accustomed to watching television, movies, and online media. They mentally engage with these types of videos and will actually go out of their way to often get their information via video as opposed to reading the same kinds of material. If you think about it people even like movies so much that they will sit in a dark theatre on a beautiful day to watch a movie. When you have a corporate video created to show off your business on your website, you are also tapping into this potential. Although your corporate video production will probably not be a Hollywood blockbuster, the success principle is the same.

Success Principles of Corporate Video Production

Video helps people remember

People are visual, and mental connections can come quicker when people have a visual attached to an idea. Most people remember what they have seen in a video, so they find the visual information easier to relate to. Just having a video makes things simpler and faster for the customer, and that alone is enough to start building goodwill and loyalty. So, if customers have trouble understanding how a product will work, or what it will look like out of its box, how to put it together, or how other customers have used it, they might not go to the trouble of asking questions. Perhaps they will just move on. But if you have a video attached to the website, they will find their answer and it will prompt further interaction.

Video is familiar

Sometimes people are reluctant to take a chance on a new company they have never used before, or they have questions and insecurities that would go away in a second if they had a mental idea of your company that was bigger than just your name. That is, a video of your staff, the service, the floor area, or footage showcasing your core competencies would make your business seem familiar to people who are not yet customers.

Corporate Video ProductionAudio and Video

Video isn’t just camera angles, lights, and photography. There’s more to what actually grabs the attention of potential customers. There is sound, music, and speech. Video needs audio to appeal to the senses, so a corporate video will help to build and retain the customer base because it makes use of all learning styles and simulations. The combination of sight and sound gets people to stop, watch, and remember.

There is so much potential for your business when you have a video. You can use the video to bring traffic into the site, raise your profile, and showcase success stories to prompt and encourage new clients to reach out to your team. Video definitely helps to build business success, and these days, customers expect to see a video. The online component of the store or organization is just as important as the business itself, and sometimes it is even more important.

While you need a video, it’s also important to keep in mind that whatever video you produce is a representation of your brand and so paying attention to details makes all the difference. So, talk to NYC Video Pros about what your corporate video strategy should be they’ll guide you on identifying opportunities to integrate video, and listen to your vision to help make your corporate video production project a reality. Video production requires advice from concept through production; NYC Video Pros specializes in helping with everything involved in your production from scripting, and shooting, to editing, producing, and publishing.

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