Four Places Video Fits Into the Modern Organization

Four Places Video Fits Into the Modern Organization by NYC Video Pros | Corporate Video Production by http://localhost/wordpressThere are a number places in the modern organization where corporate video can be used to communicate. While traditionally a tool of the marketing or PR department, or reserved or advertising purposes – today’s media landscape allows any organization to use video in a number of different capacities.

Four Areas Where Video Fits Into the Modern Organization:

Video is a powerful tool for the modern marketer; it can be used to educate and inform audiences in a variety of ways:

  • Intro – Tell your story and connect with your clients, prospects, & partners in an impactful way that reaches audiences everywhere.
  • Product – Focus on physical products, services, or experiences in a unique voice to connect with your target market.
  • Capabilities – Share about the organization’s capabilities to influence buyer decisions any stage of the sales cycle.

For educational purposes, video is relatable, flexible, and efficient. Further, video can serve a number of purposes for training:

  • Onboarding – Educate new employees on culture, policy, & make the process both efficient and consistent for all new employees
  • Partner – Training video assets are a powerful tool to influence how partners represent your brand in the field
  • Continuing – Keep employees across the globe up-to-date on the latest knowledge & build stronger bonds with employees

Annual conferences, experiential marketing events, and industry events provide a myriad of opportunities to utilize video.

  • Highlight – Showcase the event to attract future attendees, sponsors, or exhibitors with a dynamic sizzle reel
  • Keynotes – capture presentations at any event to leverage the appearance in your social media marketing efforts
  • Sponsorship – With video when planning events and conferences organizations can unlock a new stream of revenue

Social media, such as Twitter (follow us here) is here to stay and how you approach it depends on your corporate strategy – one important aspect is video.

  • Corporate Stories – Develop an editorial calendar to produce short & long-form videos that capture your story
  • Facebook Live – Identify opportunities where it would make sense to produce live video to engage audiences
  • Instant Video – Thinking about opportunities where you can leverage Instagram Stories and Snapchat

In a sense, the uses are somewhat endless, whether deployed by folks in PR & marketing, those in corporate training, in conference planning, or by the social media team. The fact of the matter is that video touches your organization in a wide variety of ways and it’s important to take a strategic approach to maximizing the benefits of video for the organization.

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