The Case for Video Production In the C-Suite

The Case for Video in the C-Suite; NYC Video Production Video Production Services in New YorkWhen it comes to telling your organization’s story and sharing with customers, prospective leads, and the world at large there’s no richer source of information than the team members in the C-suite. The fact of the matter is that your executive team lives and breaths your organization’s vision and these team members can provide unique insights.

From highlighting products and services to setting the tone for the corporate culture, members of the C-suite can share an interesting perspective and engage viewers to keep the organization top of mind. Further, C-suite video interviews provide executives with a powerful avenue to keep current client’s up-to-date and share a fresh perspective for where the organization and the industry is heading.

The questions of how and when to use the C-suite in your corporate video productions is a strategic decision that every organization needs to address.

For some organizations, the answer may be having a periodic update from the C-suite to educate internal audiences or connect busy executives with new clients. The fact of the matter is it depends on the organization’s campaigns, messaging goals, and of course the availability of executives for video interviews.

To that end, access to executives is often a hurdle – but the fact of the matter is capturing a video interview can be a very efficient use of an executive’s time. One video shoot can be leveraged and shared with a broad spectrum of audiences – placing that executive in front of audiences he or she might not typically be able to connect with directly.

Advantages to Producing Corporate Video from the C-suite:

  • Share perspective from the board room about the vision & direction of your organization as well as the industry at-large
  • Drive sales and highlight upcoming events, new products, services, or and research findings
  • For internal and partner communications to focus on advancements, strategic direction, & get teams excited about new programs
  • Establish a voice in the industry – whether that’s through thought leadership videos or insights that can be shared at key events

Regardless of your business, the fact of the matter is members of your C-suite can speak volumes and bring a powerful dynamic to your corporate video productions. So, whether you want to add video to your social media efforts, marketing campaigns, or internal communications there’s a strategy that can help you to leverage the knowledge and passion that lives in the C-suite.

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