Enhancing the Post-Sale Experience With Video

We often think about corporate video production in regard to selling something, showcasing a product, an idea, or an executive – but today we’re looking at using corporate video after the sale has been completed.

In the after-sale process, you want to inform, educate, and answer your customer’s questions – before they come to the sales team or to your customer support staff. Additionally, after the sale is complete you may be dealing with different people within an organization – so instead of selling you want to provide an explanation as to how your product/service is there to help them accomplish their work.

New York Video Production Services for Corporate Video Productions by NYC Video ProsPost-sale video is an Opportunity to Show a Process

It can explain how to do something, or take a deeper dive on features that may not have been covered during the sales process.

Every organization’s post-sale process is unique; sometimes it’s guided by the client through a manual or quick-start guide, while with larger initiatives there is a collaborative effort to bring the client onboard. Either way, after a sale is made there is an education of sorts that needs to happen and an opportunity to connect with the client.

Enter corporate video which provides a dynamic and easily accessible avenue to communicate with the customer and build the brand experience. A well produced post-sale video can start the conversation and improve the customer’s experience. Corporate video can give your team an asset to immediately share with the client to engage them upon commitment and prevent momentum loss as onboarding activities are scheduled. Further, video can put your top executives and team members directly in front of new clients to welcome them.

A post-sale video can address questions, improve rollout efficiencies while reducing customer inquiries and frustrations. The result – happier clients and an internal team that can be more efficient and focused on other aspects of client service.

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