How a Video Production Company Makes Professional Videos

When it comes to video production, there are a lot of steps between hiring a video production company and ending up with a final, high-quality video. This is a quick look into the process involved in creating professional videos for businesses and non-profits.

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Every video production company that values its own work and its clients’ time and vision will start every video production with a consultation. This is a chance to start to understand the project, be it a training video or a promotional video for a new product or service. It is at this time that the production company and the client can share their ideas and concepts and can quickly bounce around ideas. Once major ideas have been hammered out, then it is time to move to conceptualization.

Step 2: Strategic Conceptualization

Once the major concepts have been finalized in the consultation, then the video’s conceptualization comes in. This can include everything from color palettes to storyboards and scripts. These are created in a constant loop between the video production company and the client to ensure that things are progressing perfectly. Since video shoots can be complicated and often operate under strict time constraints, conceptualization is key to planning and executing the perfect video.

Step 3: Pre-Production

From scheduling and casting to finding props and renting equipment, the pre-production stage of any shoot can involve an incredible number of things. A professional video production company ( will balance vision with budget, ensuring that the video will be the highest quality without running over the agreed-upon amount. This pre-production planning can be quite detailed; but like the old saying “measure twice, cut once” this planning ensures that the resulting production is in-line with the collective vision that has been established. Once it’s finalized, it’s time for the shoot.

Step 4: The Shoot

The actual shoot is the day where everything comes together. Pre-production is finished, the equipment and people are in place, and everything comes together. If the pre-production process has gone smoothly, so will the actual video shoot day(s). Your video production company will have a strict schedule for the day (or days) of shooting, and they will try to stick to it as much as possible. Shoots can also vary from incorporating a handful of professionals to dozens of people, but all are focused on making the best video possible.

Step 5: Post Production

Editing, color correcting, branding and everything else that’s done after the actual shoot falls under “post.” This process can take a lot of time or very little, depending on the demands of the video and how you have discussed with the video production company to package the video production assets.

As you can see, the actual shoot for a high-quality video is a small aspect of what a video production company does. NYC Video Production creates numerous videos a year for a wide variety of clients, each of whom have different visions, goals, and purposes for their videos. With a versatile range of skills, our videos capture the essence and purpose of the client and result in videos that can be used for years to come.

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