#Apple Case Study in Using Video: Stage, Stream, & Showcase

Behind the scenes livestreaming

Apple Case study in Using Video

October 30th, 2018: As I sit at my desk and type this article the Apple keynote live streams in the background.

Currently, a video plays to showcase one of their latest devices.

The stage show is masterful; expertly choreographed, akin to a broadcast network television program.

Video drives excitement about their products.

It highlight’s technical features once relegated to the user manual.

As someone that spends a lot of time working with organizations to craft video strategies for their events – this is a perfect case study on how to leverage video.

The fact of the matter is Apple provides a master class on how to weave video into the fabric of these events.

So, if you’re planning a corporate event, a sales meeting, or summit, or if you work in marketing, or communications – let’s take a closer look on:

Tactics Apple employs to drive their events with the power of video:

  • Stage: At the heart of the event, is coverage of the show with a dynamic multi-camera video production. The stage show is captured with careful attention to all elements of the production including sound and lighting. It’s professionally directed and orchestrated, in tandem with a show caller, to make the stage show for in-house guests, as well as the live broadcast, dance together in perfect harmony.
  • Stream: Extending the event beyond the venue and sharing it with global audiences is paramount. Apple makes the live stream available across virtually any device with no registration and in most cases, no software to download. With the click of the play button, audiences can tap into the high-definition live stream, which will work whether you’re on a desktop, a mobile device such as an iPhone, or iPad.
  • Showcase: Using a mix of live action and animated videos Apple is able to focus viewers attention on the key features of its products, as well as share insights from executives about the latest technologies at hand. These segments are professionally produced, typically musically driven, and beautifully shot keeping attendees and viewers energized and captivated. Further, after the conclusion of the events, these video assets live on as marketing collateral that continue to educate customers.

The fact is, the brilliance of Apple’s events extends beyond the products at hand. For marketers, event planners, and conference producers there are valuable lessons to keep in mind as you seek to identify a video strategy for your own events.


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