Hiring a Video Production Company in NYC Checklist

Before you hire or request a quote from video production companies in NYC, consider a few items, like your target audience, message, purpose, and the concept. When you review these items before approaching a corporate video production company in NYC, and have a good idea of what you are looking for, you will save yourself time and money, and help you find the corporate video production partner.

Video Production Company in NYC Checklist:

Know Your Target Audience

Video production companies in NYC produce the product you desire, regardless of the market or potential market. They do not do research for you to determine if there is an audience for your product. Your best product should have a clearly defined audience in mind, and you should be able to tell your video production company who and what your target market is about. This makes it much easier for the video company to understand you, your market and the product you want to produce.

Know Your Purpose

Video production companies in NYC also need to know the purpose of your video. Videos can mean many things to clients, or potential clients, and this will influence how the corporate video is produced. The corporate video can be produced in many different styles: the corporate video production could be a sales presentation, a comic presentation, or a news feature. Each of these presentations has a unique purpose and a different set of requirements for a successful video production.

Know Your Message

Video production companies need to have a clear understanding of the message, that is, what you want to tell your viewers. This message should clearly communicate your brand, your offering, or whatever message you intend. The best videos have a specific message, catered to your brand or company. It is important to understand, clearly, what this message is and be able to ensure the video sends this message to your client and customer.

Have an Idea of the Concept

The concept is the way your message will be developed. This is the “how” of a video. There are numerous ways a “message” can be communicated and many ways of presenting a message, with visuals, sounds, graphics and the like. Video production companies use a combination of creativity, production expertise, and marketing considerations to ensure your message matches your concept.

It is also a good idea to understand that the corporate video production is a process. Video production companies in NYC will take you through several stages, including concept approval, rough cut, fine cut and final cut. To start, the concept will be created; there may even be several versions and refinements. After pre-production, filming usually starts, either on-site or in-studio. Once filming is completed a rough cut will be produced. You will have an opportunity to review and participate in these stages to ensure the concept you had in mind, is the concept that is created. The video may go through several editing stages before it gets to the final cut. Editors will smooth out the voice, film and edit the video to a final segment.

Most qualified video production companies in NYC will have the processes in place that will inspire confidence, keep you involved, and give you the opportunity to monitor the progress of the production of the corporate video project.

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