Tips for Planning Corporate Video Production

Video is far and away one of the most important promotional tools. It is used by corporations for a wide variety of marketing and promotional campaigns. With the rise of YouTube and other online video platforms, corporate video production in NYC and elsewhere has become a vital internet marketing tool.

Video has become the most popular medium used by companies and viewed by internet users because it is engaging, entertaining, and it can communicate information in an easy to interpret format. For this reason, corporate video production is a popular and effective resource that all companies should consider using as part of any marketing campaign.

There is a large amount of planning that goes into corporate video production. It requires careful planning, budgeting, and effective utilization of resources to create high-quality video that will communicate the message you want to get across to your audience. The following are a number of important corporate video production tips that will help you effectively plan, shoot, and promote your promotional video:

Important Corporate Video Production Tips

  • Determine what you want to produce: Do you want to shoot a TV commercial? A corporate training video? What about a video for your website? Knowing this will help you refine your corporate video production project focus.
  • Choose your channels of distribution: Before you can start the corporate video production, you have to figure out where the video will be posted. Posting a video on YouTube is much difference than filming a television ad, or producing a video for the annual conference.
  • Establish a goal for your corporate video production: There are many different goals that you can have for your video. Is the goal to educate? Inform? Train? Persuade? Your overall goal will help direct the corporate video production process and help shape the final product.
  • What is your key message? There is a reason why you want to produce a video. Regardless if you want to inform, educate, or promote a product or service, there is always an underlying message that you want to convey tTips for Corporate Video Production Services by NYC Video Proso your audience – discuss that with your video production company up-front.
  • Determine branding and graphics needs: An important part of the corporate video production process is determining the branding elements that you want to include in the video. You also need to factor in your graphics needs such as logos, symbols, and other digital graphics that you want to include in the final corporate video production.
  • Project deadline: This is an often overlooked aspect of the corporate video production process. You need to establish a reasonable deadline based on the type of video that you want. You cannot rush the process if you want to get it right; and yet you need to have it produced in-line with your other campaign assets.
  • Shooting location: Where you shoot is important. Do you want to shoot the video at a remote location or do you want to shoot it in a video studio. Usually, the type of corporate video you want to produce will determine where it makes the most sense to shoot the video production.

Following these corporate video production tips will help you create a high-quality and engaging video, on your own, or with the help of video professionals. Get the right message across to your target audience in an engaging way.

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