Every Organization Needs Corporate Video

In today’s ever competitive communications landscape, every organization needs to tell their story across any number of platforms. This makes a communicators job all that much more difficult, as stories now take on a life of their own and extend so much further than a simple press release.

To that end, in today’s broadband everywhere landscape, one of the more important components when sharing news of any kind is video. Unlike written press releases, corporate video production allows an organization to bring their news to life. Additionally, with today’s technology, audiences can watch that content and learn about the news in the organization’s own voice whether they’re at their desktop, or on their mobile device. But how you tell your story utilizing video involves a number of factors…

Factors In Using Video to Tell Your Story:

  • Format – What style video best fits your news?
  • Voice – What tone do you use to convey the story? Who do you include?
  • Location – Is this shot on-location? Or using a backdrop? Or in-studio?

So, how do you navigate incorporating corporate video content, well in some sense it is like the old adage “measure twice, cut once.” That is to say, planning will go a long way to integrating video and making those endeavors manageable.

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