Can You Hear Me Now?

Audio is vital to a successful video production.  Typically, it’s so well done that we take it for granted, because well-produced audio is perfectly in sync and our mind easily marries the video with the sound in perfect harmony.

Clean audio means ensuring that your talent and the footage you’re trying to capture are properly recorded; this ensures that you have the right sound to reinforce the visual picture and allows your audience to easily follow along and focus on your message. While this seems obvious, there are a number of issues that can arise with poorly recorded audio.

Poorly recorded audio leads to:

  • Difficulty hearing the presentation
  • Muffled or distant audio
  • No natural sound, feedback or other noise can be distracting
  • Audio that is out of sync with the video
To avoid these issues for your video production, you will want to evaluate what you’re shooting, how you’re telling the story, and what the best approach is to capture the audio.  This will ensure that you take the right steps to record clean, crisp, quality audio during your video shoot, and successfully tell your story while enhancing the quality of your production.

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