Video Production: Lessons From the Oscars

While the Oscars celebration has wrapped up, the annual awards show serves as a poignant reminder as to all of the qualities of a good production.  From lighting, to set design, audio, and effects the show showcases Hollywood’s biggest productions, and at the same time offers perspective on the aspects that you need to keep in mind to produce and develop effective video content.

Now, while your video production may be for marketing purposes, or to educate an internal audience, demonstrate a product, or share insights from new research or the C-suite, there are still similarities and lessons you can take away from The Oscars.

Here are three lessons from the Oscars to keep in mind:

Sometimes Less Is MoreThe Artist, winner of the 2012 Best Picture award, did something most of us would have thought impossible in 2012; they told their story with no spoken words.  Quite a remarkable feet in this technology charged and Twitter powered media environment. That is not to say you should go without sound for your production, but it’s an important reminder of an old production 101 maxim Keep It Simple Stupid.

The Devil is In The Details: Many of Oscars awards actually fall behind the scenes for directing, lighting, costume design and editing.  While these aren’t the types of tasks that will energize your team about producing video for your organization (that’s why we’re here to help!) they’re important parts of any production and all play a part in successfully telling your story.

Everyone Has A Story: Gigi Causey and Andrew Bowler, a married couple, were nominated for their live-action short film Time Freak. According to an interview with CBS correspondent Mo Rocca, they invested everything they had in the film to make the dream a reality.  Their story is inspirational, and reminds us that even if you’re not producing a Best Picture nominee, with the right care and approach video can be a powerful medium to bring your story to life.

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